10 Best foods high in vitamin C

vitamin C foods

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that cannot be produced by the body itself. For this reason, everyone should take in enough vitamin C through their diet. Find out which foods are particularly rich in vitamin C and what health benefits the micronutrient offers here.When you think of vitamin C, the first thing that comes … Read more

10 Best Fruits for Weight Loss | Crazy Weight Loss Fruits

Weight loss Fruits

Craving a sweet tooth? With these ten fruits, you can not only outsmart your cravings, but they are also low in calories and therefore the perfect fruit for weight loss.In addition to whole grain products and healthy fats, a healthy diet also includes an adequate intake of fruits and vegetables. The plants provide important minerals … Read more

Crazy! These 6 teas help you lose weight

Boost fat burning with tea and maybe even tackle that pesky belly fat. In this article, we explain whether this works and which tea is best for belly fat.Everyone knows how soothing and warming a cup of tea can be. However, drinking tea is not only tasty but also holds many health benefits, such as … Read more

The 9 best foods when you are sick


The nose is running, the throat is scratchy; quickly crawl into bed, wrap up warm, and rest. A cup of tea, of course. But what other foods are helpful against colds and flu?Who doesn’t know it: In the cold season, you quickly get a cold. Your nose is stuffy, your throat is scratchy, you feel … Read more

Processed foods: You should avoid these!

Processed foods

Whether ready meals, baked goods, or sweets, processed or highly processed foods are popular. They often contain a lot of fat, sugar, salt, additives, and an overall rather unfavorable nutrient profile. Here you will find out everything you need to know about processed foods and what you need to consider when shopping. What are processed … Read more

Best Food for Omega-3

Omega 3 Foods

For our health, omega-3 fatty acids can make an important contribution. Not only in fish, but also in plant-based alternatives, are valuable fats. Find out which foods are the best sources of omega-3 here. Where are omega-3 fatty acids found, and which foods are the best sources of omega-3? We show you which foods you … Read more

How much omega-3 a day?

Omega 3

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids are among the essential nutrients that must be consumed through the diet. Here, you can find out how much omega-3 is recommended per day.The intake of omega-3 fatty acids is essential for our health. But how do omega-3 fatty acids actually work in the body, and how high is the requirement? … Read more

Heart-strengthening foods: What is good for the heart?

Heart Healthy Foods

In world, every fourth death is due to a diseased heart. But with the right diet, you can protect your pump. Sounds good, right? But what is good for the heart? Find out here which heart-strengthening foods should not be missing from your menu and what you should avoid. Cardiovascular diseases are widespread, and one … Read more

Unlocking Olive Oil’s Health Benefits you didn’t know!

Olive oil

There is much controversy worldwide about the role of fats in the diet. Since the 1970s, people have been advised to eat less fat. Fats would lead to obesity, high cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease. Nowadays, many scientists come back to it. Fats are not as unhealthy as people thought. However, one type of fat/oil has always been considered … Read more



Instead of chocolate or nuts, next time you should use dates. Because they have some health benefits that we didn’t know about yet. They even help you lose weight – but don’t eat too much dates. Nutrition Facts of Dates: The following is the nutritional information for one average-sized Deglet Noor date: Health benefits of Dates: … Read more