Buffalo Chicken Salad Recipe | Buffalo chicken salad


Would you think we were insane if we ate a SALAD while watching sports? We don’t care because this buffalo chicken salad has everything. It’s the finest way to eat buffalo chicken wings, with homemade ranch dressing and all of our favorite sides. Plus, there are no sassy orange fingers! If you want to make … Read more

Cheesy Salsa Chicken & Cauliflower Rice Skillet Recipe

Cheesy Salsa Chicken & Cauliflower Rice Skillet

Did you ever try the Cheesy Salsa Chicken & Cauliflower Rice Skillet Recipe? You’ll need frozen chicken, riced cauliflower, a bottle of salsa verde, and a block of cheese to make a low-carb meal. Bonus: You can make this in less than 25 minutes. YIELDS 4 serving(s) PREP TIME 5 mins TOTAL TIME 25 mins … Read more

Greek Stuffed Peppers Recipe | Easy Greek Stuffed Peppers Recipe


Instead of salad, try these Mediterranean-inspired stuffed peppers. These soft stuffed peppers have all the aromas of a Greek salad, plus a hearty addition of herby chicken breast and couscous, and are filled with zucchini, cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, and sharp crumbled feta. These peppers will be the most fulfilling (and colorful) dish you’ll eat … Read more

Buffalo Chicken Wrap Recipe | Easy Buffalo Chicken Wrap Recipe


A wrap is an excellent choice for preparing a quick and delicious meal in minutes. While there are numerous ways to stuff and fold a tortilla (and we’ve used them in anything from a stacked quesadilla cake to brunch-worthy tortilla French toast), this classic Buffalo chicken wrap will keep you going back for more. Buffalo … Read more

Chicken-Avocado Caprese Salad Recipe | Easy Chicken-Avocado Caprese Salad Recipe


Though we love a nutritious salad packed with wonderful ingredients (check out our crunch salad or our anything-goes grain salad for proof), sometimes quality trumps quantity. The Caprese salad, comprised of just three ingredients—fresh mozzarella, luscious tomatoes, and vivid basil—is perhaps the most iconic illustration of this. We maintained to that premise when making this … Read more