Harvest Chicken Casserole Recipe | Best Chicken Recipe


Have you ever tried the Harvest Chicken Casserole Recipe? This harvest chicken casserole is the perfect fall dinner if you’re looking for a one-dish meal. We’ve filled this casserole with all the protein, grains, and seasonal produce your heart could desire, so no sides are required. This dish is packed with fall flavors in every … Read more

Strawberry Chicken Cobb Salad Recipe | Best Salad Ever

Strawberry Chicken Cobb Salad Recipe

Have you ever tried the Strawberry Chicken Cobb Salad Recipe? A classic Cobb Salad has a lot to enjoy. It’s loaded with hard-boiled eggs, chopped chicken, bacon, avocado, and crisp romaine. This Strawberry Chicken Cobb Salad has the whole crew but with some major enhancements. Strawberries replace the traditional tomatoes, while feta replaces the blue cheese. … Read more

Keto Chicken Soup Recipe | How To Make Keto Chicken Soup


Have you ever tried a keto chicken soup recipe? We always crave a simple and delicious chicken noodle soup when we’re ill, hungover, or have eaten WAY too much crap. It’s loaded with vegetables and protein, and it’s precisely what we need to get back on track. Because of those pesky, carb-loaded noodles, keto chicken … Read more

CPK Italian chopped salad recipe | New Salad Recipe


Have you ever tried the CPK Italian chopped salad recipe? California Pizza Kitchen is well-known for its BBQ Chicken Pizza, but the Italian Chopped Salad is the menu’s undiscovered gem. This salad, an exuberant mix of lettuce, chickpeas, turkey, salami, tomatoes, and cheese swirled in an Italian mustard-herb vinaigrette, may really entice us to forego … Read more

Strawberry Spinach Salad Recipe | Best Salad Ever


Have you ever tried the Strawberry Spinach Salad Recipe? With sweet strawberries, herby chicken, tangy feta, and crunchy pecans, this summer salad will convert even the most adamant spinach haters after just one bite. This light and refreshing salad allows sweet flavors to shine (hello, strawberries) but is balanced out by the crisp textures and … Read more

Copycat Panera Bread Strawberry Poppyseed Salad Recipe | Best Salad Ever


We love a good restaurant copycat recipe, especially ones that are seasonal or only available for a limited time on our favorite restaurants’ menus. One we’re constantly fantasizing about? Strawberry Poppyseed Salad from Panera. It was equal parts fruit salad and green salad, with a luscious orange and onion poppyseed dressing with pops of fresh … Read more

Greek Chicken Souvlaki Recipe | Best Chicken Recipe Ever

Have you ever tried the Greek Chicken Souvlaki Recipe? Souvlaki is a traditional Greek street cuisine that consists of tender chunks of marinated meat skewered (in Greek, “souvla” means skewer) and cooked on a grill. While you may use a variety of meats in this recipe, we used chicken since it’s simple to cook and … Read more

Peanut-Sesame Chicken Lettuce Cups Recipe | Easy To Cook

Peanut sesame chicken-lettuce cups

Have you ever tried the Peanut-Sesame Chicken Lettuce Cups Recipe? Good rule of thumb (in life, you know): the simpler, the better. These flavorful Peanut-Sesame Chicken Lettuce Cups are the epitome of a weekday supper. Choose breasts that are similar in size so that they cook at roughly the same rate for the juiciest, most … Read more