8 Low-Calorie Spring Vegetables That Really Fill You Up

When spring comes, the annoying pounds should fall. Now is the time to get rid of unwelcome fat and to exercise diligently. But who wants to go hungry? With these eight low-calorie spring vegetables, weight loss success comes easily.

No 1. Asparagus

Whether green or white, asparagus is particularly popular among Germans. No wonder! The tender pole vegetable is only in season from April to June and is quickly out of stock. With only 18 calories per 100 grams, it is very low in calories. In addition, it helps the body drain water.

Green asparagus, unlike white asparagus, is allowed to soak up plenty of sun. This produces a lot of healthy chlorophyll, and the asparagus turns green. If you want to get in shape for spring, feel free to grab plenty here, and don’t hold back on the asparagus. Ref.


Many epicureans enjoy asparagus season every year, and rightly so: the vegetable tastes great, is low in calories, and is incredibly healthy.

No 2. Spinach

Fresh spinach is available at the farmer’s market starting in May. The low-calorie spring vegetable is a particularly good source of beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, and zinc. It tastes particularly good as fresh baby spinach in salads.

If you want to add some volume to your meals, you can use it as a garnish for numerous dishes. The large leaves collapse quickly when cooked. So if you want to get really full, use plenty of spinach. Ref.

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Spinach is versatile, contains many vitamins, and has only a few calories—optimal for warm spring days.

No 3. Radishes

Crunchy and a bit spicy, we love these little tubers for their unique flavor. Hardly any spring vegetable is as suitable as a low-calorie snack for in-between meals as the spicy minis. The allyl mustard oil they contain has a particularly stimulating effect on our digestion, and with an extra portion of vitamin C, radishes also help us to stay fit and healthy in the spring.

With only 16 calories per 100 grams, radishes can be eaten without a guilty conscience and, for example, as a crunchy fresh ingredient, give salads a pleasant spiciness. Ref.


Radishes are rich in vitamins, low in calories, and ideal if you want to spice up salads or even other dishes.

No 4. Fennel

Thanks to its high water content, fennel is very low in calories. Its ingredients also have a dehydrating effect on the body. This can be especially helpful in a high-salt diet because unwelcome water retention is quickly passed.

Essential oils in fennel are also responsible for its soothing effect on the stomach and intestines. Ref.

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Fennel not only helps with stomach problems but also tastes delicious with fish, tomatoes, or as a soup.

No 5. Strawberries

Finally, strawberry season—now winter is officially over! A bowl of strawberries is quickly consumed, but don’t worry; we don’t need to have a guilty conscience. The red fruits taste aromatically sweet but contain hardly any sugar.

With 32 calories per 100 grams, they are a particularly low-calorie spring fruit. Many antioxidants protect our cells and fight harmful free radicals in the body. Ref.


Strawberries contain many valuable vitamins, have no fat, and are low in calories

No 6. Cucumbers

This classic ingredient should not be missing from any salad. Due to a water content of more than 95 percent, cucumbers have particularly few calories.

They are also a good source of potassium, fluorine, and zinc. Thanks to their valuable ingredients, they are therefore also good for our skin and can even help with diabetes. Ref.


Cucumbers are real slimmers because of their high water content and few calories.

No 7. Fresh lettuce

With the onset of spring, numerous varieties of lettuce are once again sprouting in our local fields. The first tender lettuce leaves are stretching towards the sun again. Whether Batavia, oak leaf, or Lollo Rosso, they all have one thing in common: They fill the stomach and contain hardly any calories.


Those who want to lose weight should include a large bowl of lettuce and other vegetables in their daily diet. Because losing weight the right way is wonderful, even without starving. Ref.


When it gets warmer, the desire for salads comes back. You can eat your fill because salad fills the stomach without burdening the calorie account.

No 8. Sugar snap peas

Another low-calorie spring vegetable is sugar snap peas. Reminiscent of the green pea in taste, the pods are particularly suitable for quick stir-fry dishes or as a crunchy salad garnish.

At 59 calories, 100 grams of snow peas provide a bit more energy than other low-calorie spring vegetables, but they also provide valuable protein and complex carbohydrates in the process. Ref.


Sugar snap peas boost the immune system, are high in protein, and provide important fiber.

Knowledge to go

Spring has a lot to offer fruit and vegetable fans. If you want to cut calories, go for varieties that are high in water and low in sugar. Asparagus, cucumbers, and lettuce, for example, should not be missing from any plate.

When it comes to fruit, you can opt for low-carbohydrate varieties. Strawberries, in particular, are very aromatic in the spring.