How To Make Money by Simple Copy and Paste WorK:

The shift of people towards Online Earning is growing at a very rapid rate after Corona Virus Pandemic. The whole world was closed people lost their jobs. Million people became jobless all around the world. Only one thing that shown growth during this pandemic was the usage of the internet.

There is a number of ways by which one can make money. Some of these require hard work whereas some require expertise in skill.

In this article, we are going to discuss the easiest way to make money that is by simply copy and paste. You do not need any kind of education or certificate for this you can do it by simple copy and Paste.

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This Video will help you to understand how to do that

Steps :

There are six steps to make money by simple copy and paste work. Do not just watch the video but also perform it to understand completely the whole procedure.

Firstly you would have to visit

This is the website for SEO. But you do not need any website for this tutorial. Rather you would have to follow the tutorial above. Even a 10-year kid can do it.

Then you would have to create an account of Mangools to sign up. Creating an account is very simple to provide Gmail and password, repeat your password your account is created.

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After completing the first two programs we are heading towards the third step. That is to copy an Affiliate Link. For that go to the website and click on affiliate as shown in the video. By that, you are shown a link. Copy that Link by clicking copy.

You can also shorten that link by using bitly in case you want to. However, you can go with the same link.

Three steps are completed and I am sure you would have found it very interesting. Now search out some websites that Need SEO. That is very easy for you. Go to google then scroll to its 5th-page websites on this page definitely need SEO. because they are not on the first page. Now find out the contact number of this website and send them the link that you had copied.

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These websites need SEO thus some of these would go by using your link and thus you would start generating money. The video above will guide you thoroughly about all.