How to make money By freelancing

Internet has not only been just a source of recreation but it is also approving itself to be best way to make money. Making decent amount of money for the family is the basic need of every one. There are number of ways by which you can create a good amount of money by internet . Making money by freelancing is one of those ways.

In Last few years more and more people are shifting towards freelancing. Because they want Freedom in their lives. In normal Routine job from 9 to 5 self freedom is compromised whereas in Freelancing you are free to work according to your choice.

The most Basic thing that you need to get success as a freelancer is Command over a Skill. Freelancing means selling your skills and making money by those skills. The basic skills that mostly people sell on Freelancing Sites are

  • Graphic Designing
  • Video Editing
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Market research
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Teaching.
  • Search engine Optimization
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If you have command over any of these or any other skills Freelancing is the most suitable option for you to start generating money. Although, it is not the easiest way to start making money on freelancing because most clients do not trust new sellers. Thus most important thing for a Freelancer is to start getting Projects.

Once a Freelancer starts getting projects on the Freelancing site then it grows at a rapid rate. Because in case you satisfy your client they will give you good feedback. As a result of this Feedback, you will get more and more new projects. Which can lead you to hire a team that can further lead you to start your own IT Company.

Famous sites to make money By freelancing

There are countless freelancing sites that can help you earn healthy amount out of freelancing but here we shall discuss a few major freelancing websites.

  • Fiverr
  • Up-Work
  • People per Hour
  • Guru
  • Toptal.
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For beginners the plate form that I well recommend is Fiver. As it is easy to get started at this Freelancing website. At the start, you will have to create an account and GIGS according to the skill you have command in. You can promote these gigs on different social media sites to get the first few orders. But once you start getting orders then it becomes very easy for you to get more and more.

Fiver is most Suitable because you can get starting orders even if you are not a master in the field in which you are getting orders. Competition is lower on this site as compared to other famous sites. Although, the charges that you get on this site are lower as compared to other sites. You can start making money on this site and then you can shift to other high-paying Sites.

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This is the most professional site Compared to Fiver. Most people on this site are Professional and have a grip over their Skills. Competition on this site is tough. On this site, you get the full value of your work. You can also earn money by taking work from Fiverr and then handover that over to Up-work.

People Per Hour:

As you can easily guess by the name on this site you will get paid by time that you give to site. This is site for professionals who have command over the skill. Client hire you for fix time and pay you according to time. For example 10 Dollar per hour means you will earn 100 Dollars in ten hours work.