High Paying Jobs in Gulf:

The people of Developing countries Such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Philipines mostly prefer to work in other countries if they aim to produce a good income. In these countries, the resources are not good enough to compete with the growing Population. Due to a lack of good governance and corruption, people can not succeed in changing their lives in spite of hard work.

The best chance that they have to live a good life for themselves as well as for their families is moving abroad to developed countries. The most suitable countries for working Abroad for Asians are Gulf Countries.

Now we shall discuss top paying jobs in Gulf Countries.

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Working As Chief Executive Officer:

Every company needs a Boss no company can run without a Boss. The Best job is definitely of Chief Executive Officer. Not only job of the CEO is comfortable but also it is high paying. The salary of a CEO starts from 15 Thousand Dollars to 50 Thousand Dollars a month.

Chief Marketing Manager:

All the companies need marketing to make good revenues. A good marketing team can boost the profits of companies to huge numbers. Thus marketing teams have great importance in every Company. The average salary of a marketing expert is more than 5 thousand dollars. And as a chief marketing expert, you can earn about 10 Thousand to 30 Thousand Dollars a month.

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Information Technology team lead.

IT has developed significant importance in the last few years. Every company needs IT experts for different jobs. Such as Graphic Designing, Web Development, Web designing, etc. Companies give handsome salary packages to IT experts. On average IT expert can easily make 3 to 5 thousand dollars a month. Whereas, a team leader can make up to 10 thousand dollars a month.


Engineering is a Vast field. In each and every country companies need Engineers. In the gulf, Telecom and Mechanical Engineers have more demand than others. Civil Engineers can also find good jobs at construction sites. The salary of an Engineer can differ from job to job. Skills are also very important for an Engineer. The average Salary for an Engineer is 1000 USD. Although, Engineer can get more in case of good command over skills.

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