Orchard Worker Jobs in New Zealand

New Zealand has a long history of fruit exports, and the orchard industry is booming. There are many job opportunities in this sector, so take a look at these four jobs that might be perfect for you!

  • Fruit Picker – You’ll need to be physically fit and enjoy working outdoors. If this sounds like your dream job then keep reading.
  • Orchard Worker – You’ll need experience in horticulture or agriculture-related fields; if not, don’t worry because there are plenty of opportunities to learn on the job
  • Planting & Pruning Specialist – It’s important that you love plants and have some knowledge about how they grow

Why work in New Zealand as Orchard Worker?

New Zealand is a small, but beautiful country with breathtaking scenery and friendly people.

The climate is temperate and the living costs are relatively low. There are many opportunities for foreign job seekers to make a new life in New Zealand, as there is no shortage of work available for those who want it.

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One such opportunity that may interest you if you’re looking for work abroad would be an orchard worker position. An orchard worker’s responsibilities can vary depending on the specific requirements of their employer; however, most often they will be harvesting fruit from trees and plants within an orchard setting during various seasons throughout the year.

Orchard Worker – Blueberry Picker

Rukuhia Blueberries

Job posted on November 23, 2021

Salary :$20 – $24.99 per hourFull time


  • Selected candidates will be provided a competitive salary package, There is no Charge for lodging.
  • Transport service is available
  • A pleasant working atmosphereBasic
  • In other words, good salary package
  • All essential equipment for starting a new work will be provided by the company/firm.
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Basic Requirements for Foreign workers

  1. The first requirement is a valid passport
  2. You must be aged between 18 and 65 years old
  3. You need to have at least one year of work experience in the last five years
  4. If you are applying for an employer sponsored visa, they will require your referees’ contact details
  5. A medical examination will also be required if your application is successful
  6. All applicants are responsible for their own travel costs to New Zealand

How to apply?

Candidates interested in applying for the empty positions should email their applications to the following address, which should include all of the required qualifications and experience. Before applying, you must first complete out the application and then upload your résumé to the company’s website.

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The page will direct you to the official website if you click the Apply Now option. Candidates must submit proper information and valid contact information while applying for positions. After filling out the form and submitting it, candidates must wait for a response from the firm.
Note that only those candidates who have been shortlisted will be contacted.
Please make sure that your application/resume includes all of the information specified in the job posting. You risk losing consideration for the position if your resume or application does not include all of the information specified on this form and in the job vacancy notice. After the deadline, applications will not be accepted.

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