Canadian Jobs

A number of jobs are offered by the Official Canadian website for the Adherents of all the countries. These jobs are in different fields and the pay packages for these jobs also differ from each other. The company wants efficient and fresh candidates. No previous experience is mandatory but still, we will prefer ones who have worked before. You can apply even if you are a Fresh Candidate and have command over the field you are applying to.


These Jobs are in multiple Fields, mentioned as under

  • Electriction
  • Mason
  • Cashier
  • Driver
  • Office boy
  • Labor
  • Store Keeper
  • Different sort of Works in Factorey
  • Workers in the Froms
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One thing that is necessary for all these jobs is command over the English language. You will have to communicate with clients as well as with other staff in the English language. Thus you must have command over the English language. Both Written as well as Spoken.

For jobs such as Labors, office boy, storekeeper company is not demanding any sort of education. Whereas for other jobs you need at least intermediate. The company will prefer you in case of more education.


The company will be responsible for providing all the basic facilities to you over there

  • Accomudation
  • Medical
  • Food
  • Residence
  • Transport
  • Secure and Workable invironment.
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Pay Package

The pay Packages are starting from 10 Dollars per Hour to 30 Dollars per hour Depending on your field. Apart from that facility provided by the company also differ from post to post.


  • Company strickly prohibiters its employees to have agreement with any other Company during the Contract.
  • Company has every right to transfer the employee from one location to the other
  • Charges of working in overtime may or may not match with working in reguler shifts.


These Jobs are taken by Official Canadian Website

To apply for more jobs in Canada apply JOBS SEARCHED BY OFFICIAL CANADIAN SITE.

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