In addition to nutrient-rich foods that promote metabolism and fat-burning, diet drinks are also crucial to successful weight loss. That’s why the following seven diet drinks are particularly worth incorporating into your daily routine for a slimmer line and improved health.



At first glance somewhat banal, but actually all the more effective: Drinking enough water every day, i.e. at best between two and three liters, is not only necessary to stay healthy and fit and to prevent dehydration of the body, but is also instrumental in the success (or failure) of a diet. Water helps the body flush out toxins, stimulates metabolism, and keeps blood sugar levels in balance. If you prefer water to a glass of juice or a spritzer, you can also save calories while staying well hydrated. Because water also provides a feeling of satiety, at least for a short time, you eat less afterward. It is therefore advisable to drink a large glass of water a few minutes before a meal or when you start to feel hungry. Ref.


Those who are already enthusiastically starting the milk frother for the next cappuccino had better wait. Although coffee can help you lose weight, this only applies to black coffee without milk, as this contributes too many calories. However, if drunk undiluted, coffee before exercise can not only improve fat burning in the subsequent workout but also stimulate the metabolism. Scientific studies also show that the caffeine it contains is a true diet booster, stimulating the body to burn more calories through contained peptides and leptins. As a stimulant, caffeine curbs appetite and hunger pangs, causing you to eat less. Ref.

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In Asia, kombucha tea has been produced for several centuries and is considered a health-promoting drink. Via China and Russia, the health trend also reached us – and can sometimes be worthwhile in a diet. For the production, an already brewed black or green tea is provided with the Kombucha mushroom, sugar, and special bacteria strains and then left to stand for at least one week. During this time, a fermentation process begins, which ensures the formation of bioactive substances and acids. Among other things, lactic acid is produced, which contributes to a healthy intestinal flora. It supports digestion and supplies the body with important nutrients. Because kombucha also balances blood sugar levels, which cause cravings when imbalanced, and also plays a role in obesity, it is an effective diet drink. Ref.


Not for the faint of heart, but a good idea in terms of weight loss. Apple cider vinegar has an antibacterial effect. In this way, it prevents harmful bacteria from spreading in the intestines and has the effect of gentle intestinal cleansing. Due to the nutrients it contains, it can have an appetite-suppressing effect, prevent digestive problems, and help the body detoxify. There is no solid evidence yet on the health effects of apple cider vinegar, yet it is one of the popular diet boosters. It is important, in order to protect the teeth and the tooth enamel, to drink the vinegar always only diluted. To effectively stimulate the metabolism in the morning, you can take the apple cider vinegar drink before breakfast. Ref.

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Unsweetened green tea is also a recommended drink in diet and as part of a balanced diet. Due to the so-called thermogenic substances, that green tea contains, the body’s metabolic rate is stimulated and calorie consumption is increased. As with black coffee, the caffeine contained in green tea stimulates fat-burning and keeps blood sugar levels stable. Ref.

No 6. Black coffee

Even coffee can be a part of your diet – as long as you avoid sugar and milk. The healthy thing in black coffee is chlorogenic acid, which inhibits digestive enzymes. As a result, the body converts less fat and sugar into flab. In addition to chlorogenic acid, the caffeine contained in coffee is a true weight loss miracle cure: as a study published in the journal Scientific Reports proves, caffeine actually accelerates fat burning.

Black coffee offers even more health benefits: It stimulates cell autophagy – a very fast and flexible form of cell renewal. Autophagy occurs primarily when the body is deprived of food for a few hours or when a calorie deficit is created – for example, during a therapeutic fast. A few hours after consuming black coffee, similar cell renewal effects have been observed. Black coffee thus also has a detoxifying effect on the body – it is low in calories anyway. Ref.

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No 7. Drinks that contain apple cider vinegar.

Now it’s time to get sour! An ultimate weight loss helper is apple cider vinegar. The acid in vinegar has an antibacterial effect, has a positive effect on the intestinal flora, and speeds up digestion and metabolism. In addition, apple cider vinegar* is said to have the ability to curb appetite if you take a glass of diluted vinegar before eating. In the stomach, apple cider vinegar is said to stimulate the production of gastric acid, which has a digestive effect. In addition, it also regulates blood sugar levels, which in turn prevents cravings. So far the theory-durable studies do not give it so far yet to the topic of apapple vinegar and removal.

Anyone who wants to incorporate apple cider vinegar drinks into their diet plan should drink a glass of diluted apple cider vinegar about 15 minutes before each meal. About four teaspoons of apple cider vinegar are added to half a liter of water. If the whole thing is too sour for you, you can sweeten it with small amounts of honey or vegetable syrup (for example maple syrup). Ref.

Conclusion – exercise and nutrition are particularly important when losing weight

There are many great and delicious drink alternatives to soft drinks etc. Of course, it is not effective to only rely on healthy drinks when dieting. Sport and a healthy diet continue to play a central role. But they are ideal as small supporters that also promote health.