An udderly bizarre emergency operation had to be launched on Sunday. Credit: The West Australian

Police and SES rescue cow stuck on roof of Byford Vibe petrol station

In a bizarre incident, a cow found itself stuck on the roof of a petrol station in Byford Vibe, and it took the combined efforts of police and SES to rescue the animal.

The incident occurred early yesterday morning when the cow was spotted by a passerby on the roof of the petrol station. Concerned for the animal’s welfare, the authorities were alerted, and a rescue operation was launched.

Local police officers and SES volunteers rushed to the scene and began to assess the situation. It soon became apparent that the cow had somehow managed to climb up onto the roof and was unable to get down.

A team of officers and volunteers carefully approached the animal, who seemed to be in good health despite her ordeal. Using ropes and harnesses, they managed to guide the cow down to safety.

It is still unclear how the cow managed to climb onto the roof, but it is suspected that she may have wandered away from a nearby farm and become disorientated. Police are currently trying to track down the owner of the animal.

The incident caused quite a stir in the local community, with many people expressing their relief that the cow had been safely rescued. Social media was flooded with photos and videos of the rescue, with many people commenting on the dedication of the emergency services who had responded to the call.

In a statement, the police thanked the SES volunteers for their assistance, saying: “We’re grateful for the help of the SES in rescuing the cow from the roof of the petrol station. It was a challenging operation, but thankfully the cow was unharmed and has now been safely returned to her owner.”

The incident may have been unusual, but it is a reminder of the important work that emergency services do every day to keep us all safe.