Actor Chris Pratt Shared His Testimony

Chris Pratt Shares Testimony of Being Saved by God and Finding Love at Church

Chris Pratt, the popular Hollywood actor, has recently opened up about his journey towards faith in God and how it led him to find love with his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger at church. In an interview with Drew Barrymore, while promoting his new movie “Super Mario Bros.,” Pratt shared how he felt “broken” and “struggling” before finding a higher power and ultimately meeting the woman of his dreams.

Finding Love at Church

Pratt shared how he met his wife at church and how it was a life-changing experience for him. He confessed to feeling “broken” and in need of help when he first saw Katherine at church. However, as he continued to attend church, he found comfort in his faith and eventually found love.

“I was kind of sneaking some glances and I was like, ‘Who is that? Any way, what am I doing? Come on, I’m broken, help me,'” Pratt shared about his first impressions of Katherine.

Pratt’s faith has played a significant role in his life and he attributes his success and happiness to God. He expressed how God has a fast-forward button and how it was through his faith that he was able to find love and start a family.

Trolls and Haters

Despite his positive message, Pratt has faced criticism from some who have accused him of being a bigot due to his Christian faith. Pratt has received a lot of backlash on social media, but he has stood his ground and defended his beliefs.

In a previous interview, Pratt criticized extremists on both sides of the political spectrum who make it appear as if Americans are more partisan than they actually are. He has consistently maintained that his faith is an essential part of his life and that he would never apologize for it.

Upcoming Projects

Aside from his personal life, Pratt has also been busy with his acting career. In addition to voicing the character of Mario in the upcoming “Super Mario Bros.” movie, Pratt is also set to star in the highly-anticipated third installment of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise.


Chris Pratt’s testimony of finding love and happiness through faith in God is a powerful message that many can relate to. Despite facing backlash for his beliefs, Pratt has remained firm in his convictions and continues to share his story with the world. His upcoming projects are highly anticipated, and it will be exciting to see what the future holds for this talented actor.