Women Education

women education

Women Education


  Female education means the education of women – just as it is necessary for a man to get education, so it is necessary for a woman to get it. Do not operate the vehicle can never reach the destination. No society and nation can continue to develop highway unless women and men along with women are adorned with education.

The Hadith of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said that

It was obligatory on every Muslim woman to seek knowledge.

The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) taught the words of religion to the Holy Prophet, and then she taught it to other Muslim women.

Mother’s lap first grade.

The wisdom of the mother is that the lap of the mother is the child’s first semester.

What the child learns from this seminar has a profound impact on her future life. It is imperative for the mother to be well educated for the child’s better training.

According to the commentators, the education of a man is the education of an individual while the education of a woman is the education of a family.

The famous French King Napoleon says

You give me good mothers I will give you the best nation.

It is as if a religious and educated mother can train her children properly

A small family kingdom.

The example of a household is like that of a small kingdom. In which the husband is the king and wife is his minister. Apparently the king cannot manage his kingdom alone.

No matter how competent the king, if his minister is not wise and kind, he will not be able to give proper advice to the king in matters of the empire, and such an empire will be subjected to dishonesty and then its fall will be ensured.

Therefore, in order to manage the domestic empire, it is vital that the woman is well-informed, educated, and educated.

A well-educated woman can manage the house with ease. She maintains a monthly household account. She can handle all domestic affairs in a manner that is good.

And by virtue of the principle of profit, she spends her husband’s earnings wisely. On the contrary, the ignorant woman is stumbled in her life and most of her income is due to her ignorance and ignorance. Is lost. In this way, there is a clear difference between the home environment of a well-educated and ignorant woman.

Hygienic .

 It is also important for the mother to be fully aware of the principles of hygiene and also to protect her children from various diseases and it is through knowledge that the educated woman becomes aware of these principles, so she can go home. Can keep the environment healthy but an ignorant woman is unaware of the principles of sanitation. The result is that unhealthy environment leads to the development of various diseases.

Religious  Education.

Knowing the important and fundamental issues and teachings of religion and religion is essential for every man and woman. Religious knowledge makes a person successful in life.

If a woman is well-educated, she can better understand the religious issues and thus, where she can spend her life in accordance with these golden principles of religion, she can better train her offspring in the light of religious principles. But an ignorant woman cannot learn these principles of religion and religion, so she keeps herself aloof from them and excludes her children from them.

Familiarity public

It is very important for a woman to get acquainted with the public or the public. She should have the necessary information about daily life so that she can make her personal life more successful, but the woman is devoid of the necessary information, which in turn will not be able to manage her personal life and children. It is progressing very fast. Therefore, only a well-educated woman can adapt to the new environment.

Essentials for a woman

   Obviously, the basic knowledge needed for women is vastly different from that of men. First of all, it is important for a woman to have family education.

Because this area has a direct connection to women’s life. With time to time she can apply this art, teach her morality and religion so that she can raise her children on the right lines. It should be taught in the daily science and psychology of children. Must include needs such as crafts, grooming, nursing, etc.

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