Woman’s education: Order of religion, service of society

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Woman’s education: Order of religion, service of society

In the world, the same nation whose men and women are adorned with the ornaments of education. Education creates consciousness in man and teaches him to distinguish good from evil as well as good. Education is the main thing that has made God a great man. The position was not given any importance to the woman, but it was customary for the daughter’s birth to be considered a test for her and buried her alive.

The religion of Islam encompassed all such customs and honored women not only in society, but also in the field of knowledge by eliminating the rights of women, but also by eliminating the distinctions of men and women in the field of knowledge on the pursuit of religious and worldly education. Has emphasized.

  The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said that the fulfillment of the words

“Knowledge is compulsory for every man and woman”

 appears in the Book of the Prophet, as Khadijah was one of the great merchants of that period, and Hadhrat Aisha Siddiqa Hadith. There was a store of people and people were asking for help in their affairs.

Sadly in Pakistan, which is called the “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”, there are still many people who, despite being Muslim, view women’s education narrowly and have their own stereotypes regarding women’s education. Reflect the time of ignorance. On the contrary, there are many parents in Pakistan who are in favor of their daughters not only for basic education but also for higher education and stand with them in the field of education.

 People who have been stereotyped about female education to date, criticize these parents for their views on liberalism and many such misconceptions. Sadly, they include not only illiterate and ignorant people, but also some educated people who look against women’s education. But they need to understand the extent to which a woman’s education is important in the present era.

The nation is not entitled to anything which the woman of the nation is not yet awake

Just as men and women are integral to society and integral to each other, the development of a nation depends on the education of a woman because the education of a man only benefits her while the education of a woman can be cherished for many generations. Gives

The first seminary of every human being is the lap of the mother from where she begins to learn the basics. The point here is to think, how can a knowledgeable mother light a candle while she is in the dark? Therefore, an educated mother can best train her offspring; and make society a haven of peace.

The following is famous for the Napoleon sow part:

  “You give me an educated mother; I will give you a decent and educated society.”

A well-educated mother can do better training for the next generation. About 51% of Pakistan’s population is women, which is why it is important for them to be educated so that they can contribute to the prosperity of the country. A well-educated mother knows that the baby learns a lot in her environment, so she monitors it to give her children a clean and clean environment and keeps the children away from the environment that may be affecting them. And they find themselves in an environment where abusive glitch, intoxicants, and other misdeeds are common. On the contrary, many mothers do not prevent their children from an environment of illiteracy or under-education, an example of which is increasingly seen in our society today.

In addition, in this age of science, internet and innovative technology, it is even more important for women to get education because the influence of European culture is destroying innocent children’s minds. If the mother is illiterate or illiterate, she will not be able to protect her from the spoils of the baby through it; while only the conscious and educated mother can protect her children from all these effects because being conscious and educated. Because of this she can distinguish between good and evil, which helps her children to be a better person and a better citizen.

In addition, educated mothers can better take care of their children’s health, education and training, making their children more energetic and successful in the field of education.

In this developed period, whatever country strives for development and development, it seeks to involve men as well as women in their development journey, because in the development and development of any country, men as well as women. The character of the film is also very important. Feminism is characterized by economic and economic change in a country where women work alongside men. Education creates a wave of self-esteem and self-esteem in a woman as she fights for survival in the society and maintains her existence.

Through this education, not only can a woman earn a living for herself, she can fight poverty, and she can bear the burden of herself and her children. Through education, a woman becomes familiar with her legal rights and her availability.If a woman is inferior to education and humanity, her presence makes a good home for hell. On the contrary, the high role of a well-educated and well-trained woman can be a blessing to the whole family. Education plays an effective role in this matter. This is the requirement of the present time that women should be equipped with education because education can teach a man to live a better life.

 Moreover, it is not possible to deny the fact that women have different roles in life, sometimes in the form of a mother, sometimes as a daughter, sometimes as a wife or sometimes as a sister. However, in all these cases, the responsibility for this also varies. It is very important for a woman to be educated in order to successfully fulfill these roles in life and for the development of the country and the nation.

The government should establish special institutions for the education and training of women and ensure their safety. In addition, programs should be set up to raise awareness about women’s education so that education can be paved for women and they can play a vital role in the development of the country and the nation.

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