Why is female education important?

women education

Why is female education important?

It is not possible to deny these facts of history that the women of this nation have an important role to play in enlightening the nation as a whole, in harmony with the heritage of civilization, and in decorating the Jumilah. Their mothers have a role to play in raising and promoting good health. That is why it is said that the lap of the mother is the child’s first schooling.

Therefore, from the beginning, the way Islam has laid out all the ways of education for men, has not only given them the freedom to pursue all kinds of useful knowledge but also encouraged them, resulting in the Qur’an. From the beginning to the present, more than one Kaj-kala-i-Allah has been born in the realm of thought and thought, and the time has come to exploit the knowledge of the unknown.

In the same way, this religion of Hanif granted women all the rights of civilization, social rights as well as the rights of the people, irrespective of their gender. As such, in every era, men born alongside women, such as women of obedience, faithful wife and devoted compassionate sister, were born and raised in the world. Infinite numbers of Kermans settled in from here.

Treating women as weak, contemptuous is one of the shameful customs of pledge ignorance. Islam laid the foundation for a modern developed society where rights abrogation, oppression, arrogance, useless use of force were forbidden. The birth of daughters was considered as shameful and others like them were discouraged. Humans were taught to respect the rights of human beings and of every living being.

Has it ever been proved that the man has never been involved in the formation of the society by the man, even in the society? The creature called Gender Critic is a combination of a wide range of qualities like generosity, kindness and compassion, despite being a figure of wisdom and revolutionary resolve.

Their rights to their rights reached the heights of the horizon. The main character in the system of power is woman and the world without woman is perfect. Woman is the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčlove. If she has a daughter, she has no sister who cannot ignore her honor for her parents. Giving joy to one’s real brother and when a mother becomes an example in love for Allah.

Throughout history, women have seen significant and obvious impressions of Islam.

Not only does Hazrat  Khadija encourage the Holy Prophet (PBUH), but he, first of all, supports you by becoming a martyr and an irresistible pillar of his authenticity.

  On the contrary, they first support you by becoming a martyr and an irresistible pillar of their authenticity and trust.

The Qur’an said:

“In such a way, cut the roots of superiority between men and women on another basis and declare that Allah is the most honorable of you who is most pious and pious.”

Today, our society is repeating pre-Islamic history with regard to women. The basic rights of women are being abolished, they are considered to be inferior, natural and inferior. Islamic teachings have become a story of history to be repeated in the congregations but in practice it is not worth the effort, but the demonstrations seem contrary to the view.

 Tight optical atmosphere is shadowy till now, women still do not have the full authority to make decisions in their life; there is still a clear difference in the behavior of parents in relation to girls. For parents, one day and night they spend most of their time earning their education, but when it comes to girls’ education, it is avoided saying that they need higher education.

She can stay at home seeking her rights and instead of encouraging her, she is discouraged. The result is that the potential that emerges in them, is suppressed somewhere, and the valuable investment of self-esteem goes out of their hands, even in their minds. That is their destiny.

It is emphasized that the lap of the mother is the first teaching room for the children, but the teacher of this seminary is the one who cannot make his own decision. To this day, women are desperate for men to discover their problems.

The phenomenon of narrow-mindedness in relation to women is numerous in our society and oppression is seen as the name of religion. When it comes to women’s rights, there is no better way to hide the curse on Western women than to mourn Western civilization.

 Although the divorce rate is low in Muslim society, who will be responsible for the unmarried women who have no problem, if they raise their rights, it is not enough to say that there is a conspiracy behind the aliens, Rather, we have to understand the nuances of time, rather than trying to deviate from the facts. The Qur’an has deprived women of the rights it has granted them. Is it not a bitter fact that if women talk about their rights in inheritance, then the faces of their families start to suffer.

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