Why girls need education

Why girls need education

Women and men are important pillars of society, and both play a vital role in the survival of society. Education is essential for the development of any society. Islam has given women a place of honor in the society and emphasizes the attainment of women’s religious education.

Nevertheless, there are many areas in our own country where women are denied the right to education. Today there are areas in our country where it is considered not necessary to get the knowledge of women.

Education opens the closed windows of the mind and gives light to the human being so that it can determine the right direction.

Focusing on feminism can bring economic development to any country. People often say why educate a girl and spend so much on her when she has to go hand in hand and take care of her home.

Such people forget that the society is established by the tail of a woman who nurtures generations in her lap. Now who has to enable the new generation to move forward and take over the society when she herself is capable? Only then will you have a strong foundation of society. The best course is the mother lap.

History has testified that every successful man has a woman behind him. Likewise, educated mothers can nurture their children in a better way and become their shield at every point of life.

In our country, a large number of women are missing out on basic education. In addition to the lack of schools for girls and women in our country, the chances of higher education are low.

An educated mother can better train her children and support her children when the time comes. Education gives a woman self-confidence and teaches her to trust herself. Until the beginning of the nineteenth century, women and girls were limited to home-based non-formal education, but now society has undergone a positive change and more and more people are focusing on the education of their children and women are in medical, engineering, science, trade. , Banking and journalism are seen to perform in all walks of life.

Men’s education benefits only men, but women’s education promotes it for seven generations, so it is important that we strive for the education of girls and also choose candidates who are special in education. Make girls’ education important.

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