What is modern education?

What is modern education?

There is no doubt that modern education is the prerequisite for creating a prosperous, developed and powerful society. Yes, this is part of the question and non-controversial. The second part of the question is whether modern education is helpful for the establishment of Islamic society? This section is optional. That is why modern education has become a great mess with us.

There are a number of reasons for this malady. One reason is that we are not ready to objectively analyze the modern education system. The modern “education system” is actually a combination of three things. One is the concept of modern education, the other is its practical aspect, the third is its purpose. Unless you can see what a thing is, it is difficult to decide.

If it is easy to see what a modern system of education is, then it is easy to make a point about it. Often it is easy to make the right wrong decisions about individual actions and events, but things are becoming more complex nowadays at the system and collective level, so it is not useful to make a hasty decision about them.

Objective analysis requires that the entire system, its components and its purpose be understood first. The modern system of education also has its own statement, process and purpose. We do not demand that this statement and its purposes be accepted or rejected. Our request is only that this statement, the proceedings under it and the purposes required by that action be taken first and then decided upon. The interesting aspect of this is that the process of intellectual analysis and understanding of things is shared by humans, while each person decides on his or her own life.

The most important thing about modern education is that it is a political decision in its totality and in fact. Every discussion of modern education is worthwhile if that fact is ignored. Every conversation, every decision is worthless if it is not made public and its details are not decided. What we mean by “political decisions” is that the whole state of the modern education, the whole process and the whole purpose of the modern state is determined.

Its targets set the state. Its costs are the responsibility of the state. Throughout this system, the state has the authority to certify a child’s education and skills. The State has the power, choice and penalty where it is needed throughout the economic and political system of the nation. In the modern era, education has no meaning beyond the authority of the state. Remember that we are only referring to the event, not making a decision.

The implication here is that the education system and the knowledge system are separate things. Educational institutions, such as schools, schools, etc. are the system of education and the university is established as a system of knowledge. In modern times the almost total meaning of education and knowledge has neither been nor assumed beyond the powers and demands of the state. This question is very important to us as Muslims.

That “modern education is a political decision” is the basis of every conversation on education. “Political decision” is the authority and honor of every state established in society. Political decision means that its ultimate purpose is concerned with power and society. This also implies that religious, moral and spiritual purposes are automatically excluded.

Even if these purposes are included as a component, they are automatically eliminated at the time of application. It is meaningless to call something a “political decision” if it cannot be made quantitative, it does not involve mechanics and cannot go through the process of enforcement. Because of these aspects, the modern system cannot have moral and spiritual purposes in education because it has no “enforcement” dimension.

The ways in which the modern education system is designed and its goals set are all quantitative and mechanistic in its implementation and objectives. The mechanics of modern education are: Become a mechanic of the mind, become a mechanic of the process, and become a mechanic of attitudes. Becoming a mechanic of the “mind” means the complete elimination of the relation of mind and spirit, and the complete disintegration of the psychological and emotional aspects of the human personality. Becoming a mechanic of the mind complements the discrete “laws” of the material and its relation to concrete objects.

Becoming a mechanic of “process” refers to the acquisition of skills and craftsmanship on machine terms. “Behavior” refers to the mechanics of discipline. This is the basic ingredient combination and basic introduction of what a person needs to create a prosperous, developed and powerful society. It is not desired by the individual, but for a prosperous, developed and powerful system.

 If modern education achieves these goals, then it is a destination, otherwise it fails. If viewed carefully, moral and spiritual purposes do not fit into those goals, and there is a time when their mention is also disabled. In other words, if modern education makes it our goal to achieve moral and spiritual goals, it fails to meet its set standards.

Here we are not talking about things being right or wrong. We are just trying to see what modern-day education is in its formation. What are its goals and goals? What is it in your procedure? We are merely requesting that modern systems of education shape the human mind, the human will and the human self altogether. We urgently need to analyze and understand this new structure.

It is this analysis and understanding that can form the basis of an educational system that embraces the basic aims of our imagination or at least has room for them. In the next few articles, Insha Allah will also look at some other aspects of modern education. Our immediate purpose is to limit the scope of the analysis only, whether good or bad can be judged on this analytical basis.

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