Vocational Education / Professional Education

vocational education

Vocational Education / Professional Education

The economy is changing very fast in the world and the same nations are developing in the world who are building their economy based on education. In this changing world, it is now essential for everyone to have special work skills in any field. Only those with specialized skills can get good jobs. Vocational education / vocational education institutions can provide special education to any individual and make them a viable and independent society.

Vocational education / vocational education means making a person or person an expert in a particular work through education. These skills can be in the most advanced, craftsman, technician, technologist, engineering, math / accounting, nursing, medicine, architecture and law. More topics can be introduced. Like massage therapy, dieticians and similar articles can be added to the health sector. In this way, one can choose the sector for himself, depending on his desires and interests.

The question is why the importance of vocational education / vocational education has increased today. If we look at the statistics in this regard, it is clear that in 1950, 80% of the jobs were with non-skilled people whereas today 85% of jobs are with skilled people. – Due to this huge change, the importance of vocational education / vocational education has increased today.

Like the rest of the world, there is a social and economic revolution in Pakistan. The nature of work is changing in the jobs and industries and thus it has become imperative to be better quality. If Pakistan is viewed as a multi-population country and its population is heavily involved with youth. We need special attention in this field. According to the situation so far there are 3581 vocational education institutes operating in Pakistan under the name of TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training).

Of these, 1177 are government and 2404 non-governmental organizations. In more detail, total 1817 organizations are operating in Punjab, totaling 585 in Sindh, 599 in KP, 125 in Balochistan, 175 in Gilgit-Baltistan, 114 in Azad Kashmir, 61 in FATA and 103 in the federal capital. This style of education is usually introduced at the secondary level.

This is the era of globalization and to meet the requirements of this era we need to make our young people skilled so that we can introduce quality commodities all over the world with low cost in the world. The importance of low cost, high quality, introducing new products, quality services has become enormous. Vocational education was considered to be very limited until the twentieth century, and most automobile, welder and electrician education were considered vocational education. From the beginning of the 21st century, technological innovations in the world gave rise to new fields. The importance of vocational education / vocational education has become enormous in the industry.

That is why governments and non-governmental organizations started to create institutions. Most of the institutions were created by public funds and NGOs and started to make people skilled through apprenticeships. Today Vocational Education / Professional Education is a very transformed one. This education is visible to us in every area of ​​life – retail, tourism, information technology, cosmetics, traditional crafts and home industrial.

All this discussion should give us an idea of ​​the importance of vocational education / vocational education. All parents want their children to do white-collar jobs and blue-collar jobs are not considered good, and this thinking is extremely destructive to our society, especially in the 21st century. They should instill in their children the awareness that they will encourage whatever skills they want to achieve. There should be no compulsion of any kind. In this way, we will be able to promote the small industry or cottage industry in our country. We can provide jobs to the people in areas like agriculture and mining.

There are some countries in the world that have made vocational education / vocational education compulsory in their schools and colleges. And they understand the importance of vocational education / vocational education for the future of their children. This is the way by which a nation can position itself in the global market.

Fortunately, some organizations have taken initiatives in this regard and have also provided jobs for the poor sections of society by providing technical education to their children. This process is very encouraging and governments need to take similar action steps. If we want to build a strong social and economic society, we have to make our children and young people special.

But this thing becomes even more important to us as we worked with China to created CPEC. This is the time when millions of jobs are being created in our country and if we do not make our youth skilled, then this place will be filled by non-people and other people will benefit. The government needs time. Understand the dangers of creating more and more organizations and preparing your young people for the time to come. Now society needs to change and new reforms are needed.

The importance of training companies has increased significantly in this period. So that people can be more skilled and face the problems and problems that are coming up. Following are some of the key benefits of education.

  • Vocational education / vocational education can save you time, money and energy in any case. ۔
  • A person with a professional education can do his or her part-time job or even a part-time job.
  • Vocational education enhances a person’s technical skills. ۔
  • Vocational education meets the needs of the current industry.
  • In vocational education, the process of learning and earning a human being can continue all the time. ۔
  • Vocational education provides any human with the opportunity to apply their creativity.
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