Unemployment and vocational education.

vocational education

Unemployment and vocational education

The unemployment rate is rising steadily. Considering this traditional education is not getting any benefit. The situation is seeing that after the exam results of the twelfth, where there are difficulties for admission to colleges and decreasing seats, the problem is becoming a permanent problem. On the other hand there is a growing number of unemployed youths. The alarming statistics are proof that the country’s colleges and universities have turned into unemployment factories, where millions of young people take up degrees every year to look for jobs.

 In this period of globalization, the agriculture ‘industry’ has changed dramatically in the field of employment and the way in which economics and development infrastructure is developing in the country. It requires professional and technical expertise. Commerce ‘Cyber ​​Management Carpenter’ Motor Manic ‘diploma youngsters can take advantage of their skills and skills. There are issues related to the teaching of vocational education and its curriculum tailored to the demands of society, which the central and provincial governments will have to seriously consider because it is not impossible to reach the destination without removing them. Must have

There is a considerable but very shortage of trained teachers and basic facilities in the field of vocational education. One of the great advantages of vocational education is that it provides the recipient with the information and skills they need and, in turn, not only helps the economic development of the human being but also helps to become self-sufficient. But this education should be in line with modern needs so that it can support social and social needs in changing conditions.

If we look at the situation in Pakistan, the fact is that the adoption of vocational education in Pakistan instead of traditional education can lead to a substantial reduction in ever-increasing unemployment. The need for vocational education is not what Pakistan needs in the past. Particularly in this period of economics, the importance of the investment information revolution and the dominance of trade is increasing day by day.

Today’s developed countries have achieved this level of development by giving importance to vocational education while countless young people working BA B.Sc. under traditional education are hitting hard in search of a job. ۔ They have limited opportunities for employment in the current environment. This is the reason why students are getting stereotyped by enrolling in subjects like Urdu ‘Punjabi’ Seraiki ‘Sociology etc. in the leading universities of the country. Those students are also deprived of employment.

That is why the patriarchs do not get in spite of showing government announcements and green gardens. Equipment and machines related to them are usually not available there. In addition, the outdated system of the years as well as the current demands of the trade market are not proven. There is also the problem of lack of funds for education so the situation cannot be improved without timely focus on providing funds for this special education. It is now difficult for governments to overlook the importance of vocational and technical education.

 Delegation of the old educational policy to employment has become a necessity today, which cannot be met by a small number of existing institutions, so the support and quality of private institutions can be extended not only to the unemployed but also to the unemployed. Increasing numbers of can also be reduced.

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