Top ten educational countries

Top ten educational countries

The World Economic Forum also lists the world’s most educated countries in its annual Competitiveness Report. The institution compiles the index using a variety of objective disciplines, in which each country is assigned one to seven schools, based on factors such as the rate of study at the university.

For this, five questions were asked of entrepreneurs in each country. As a result of  

“How does the education system in your country meet the needs of a good economy?

“And “To what extent do institutions invest in employee training and growth in your country?” Here are the top 10 of the countries I came from:

10. New Zealand

Score: 5.9 New Zealand is ranked among the best educational systems in the world. The country’s education department is always at the forefront of innovation. As the government plans to introduce online education courses in September, students will not be required to attend school a few days a week.

9 Australia Score:

Score 5.9 Australia is a highly educated country and the rate of higher education is high here. 43% of people have received training from an institution after leaving school, the highest rate in Canada, Japan, Israel, Korea, the United States and the United Kingdom.

8. American

Score: 5.9% 43% of the population in the United States is university educated. It is the fifth largest rate in developed countries of the world. 7

7. Norway

The tax rate in Norway is quite high and the same money is spent on education. The country spends $ 14,000 per student annually from primary to university education, which is the third highest rate in developed countries.

6. Denmark

Score: 5.9 Denmark is the largest country in developing countries, spending on education. Denmark puts its GDP at 7.9 educational institutions. Education is such a big priority. It can be estimated that during the period of financial crisis from 2008 to 2010, educational expenses were not reduced but increased.

5. Belgium

Higher education in Belgium offers the full benefit as the unemployment rate among university-educated people is just 3%. The unemployment rate here is lower than the average European average among other educators. Teaching is also an important area in the country. On average, the salary of teachers here is $ 74,000. In developed countries, this is an average of $ 52,000.

4. Switzerland

Score: 6.0 the majority of the population of Switzerland has a complete secondary education: 86% of those aged 25 to 64 years. The country also invests a lot on it. An average of $ 16,000 per student a year, while the EU averages $ 9500.

3. Netherlands

Score: 6.1 In many areas of education, the Dutch are ahead. One-third of the population aged 25 to 64 hold a university degree, which is well ahead in developed countries where it is on average 24%.


Score: 6.2 Finland’s educational system is accepted worldwide. The teachers here are selected from among the top 10 percent of the country’s graduates and are required to have a masters degree in education.

1. Singapore

Score: 6.3 Singapore’s educational system is widely regarded worldwide, but is also called “pressure cooker” because of its intensity and rigor. Competing globally in math and science abilities, Singapore’s school system is ranked first

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