The system of education of Islam, Why the ambiguity?

The system of education of Islam ... Why the ambiguity?

The system of education of Islam … Why the ambiguity?

In order to understand the system of Islam, it is necessary to understand the social life of the Prophet’s Medina. Without this concept, we may not fully understand the true nature of the Islamic system of education.

In order to see the Islamic color of Madinah in our society, we must declare our educational institutions a continuation of the capital and Safa. The personalities that the educational environment and the educational movement created there will be the leaders and role models for us. Whatever curriculum was introduced in the late night of life, it would be a torch for us. In getting up, walking, talking and in silence,

The process of learning and teaching was the process of learning and teaching in all the routines of life, in solitude, in devotion, in the field and in jihad, in transactions and commerce, in relationships and affairs, and in the preaching of politics. The system will be called education and that is what we will call the system of Islam.

The conceptual concept of the Islamic system of education that we hold in our minds is particularly ambiguous. There are several reasons for the blurring of this concept. One of the major reasons for this is the lack of practical interpretation of our winning world. Secondly, all our attention is focused on the details and the corrective action.

 There are many educational institutes who use terms like Islam, mission, values ​​when setting their goals, outline the salient features of their institution, mention the system but its meanings, requirements and implications, You and the stranger are often unfamiliar with his spirit of philosophy and practice. On the other hand, the companion who is deeply aware of all of them and wants to implement them passionately, the biggest challenge facing them is the West’s Market Driven philosophy.

This thinking produces the soldiers of the capitalist system through the educational process. It is a poison killer that injures sincere and capable people. The key term for this approach is customer. It is well-known that “customer first”, although this sentence has a big flaw but we do not currently negate the phrase, Rather, we want to point out what the customer’s goodwill is called! If its afterlife is deteriorating then how good is it, and the ultimate well-being of the customer, too, should be part of Customer Comes First.

The dynamics of the educational world today have changed. The “individual-to-person” education and education scheme has now been replaced by educational institutions. Now the dynamics of the institutions more important than the teachers are considered. In this new context, we must remember that the educational institution is a bilateral process.

A small circle belongs to the educational institution and it exists in a large circle that belongs to the community. The culture and ideas of a society have an essential influence on this small circle, the educational institution. Similarly, the main responsibility of the educational institution is to provide awareness and awareness to the society. Most importantly, when society deteriorates and falls, it doubles the responsibility of this small circle, the educational institution,.

We can draw important points from the ideal settlement of Madinah in the Islamic education system:

  • Islamic system of education is the name of creating a complete environment.
  • This system of education is part of the philosophy of Islamic philosophy.
  • It is intended to prepare the Caliph Al-Falar from this system.
  • The curriculum in Islam’s system of education is so comprehensive and diverse that it provides guidance in all aspects of life, satisfying the physical, spiritual and material needs and laying the groundwork for the success of the world and the Hereafter.
  • The people who were left out of this system and training were so firm and strong in their beliefs, knowledge, awareness and devotion and devotion that for decades to come, the world saw the bright minarets of their ability and ability.

Therefore, in the light of the above points listed, the selection of teachers, selection of articles, quality of textbooks, examination and review system, logic and other activities are related to the same philosophy that we see in Madina’s life. When it is decided what is human being and its status: Allah is its creator, he is the deputy of Allah the day is responsible for its actions, it has the authority and the universe has been subjected to it. So it is not difficult to formulate doctrinal education, so knowing the relationship between the Creator and the true position of the human being in the universe is one of the most important issues that make up the course of life.

A system of education is devised to develop and promote the same curriculum. If you think free of any four walls and time and space, then this course of life is actually the teaching of the system of Islam which is reflected in the manifestation of the Sabbath (color of Allah) in the victorious lives of the society. This is what we can call Islamic society. This winning society should be seen within the confines of the school, seminary and university.

In the Islamic system of education, it is not sufficient to add an article of Islamic science with the exception of the preceding word “Islam”. It would not be beneficial to take it. A comprehensive curriculum cannot be established from the Islamic point of view without abandoning the concept of this kind of attachment. The Islamic system of education is the name of a complete civilization, and the entire curriculum will be devised to accommodate this civilization. The element of religion should prevail in all the sciences.

And they will also be taught from an Islamic point of view. Whether it is scientific science or social or artistic all, it will be for the benefit of a particular theory of life.

Dear readers! To summarize, our vision, sincerity, and wisdom require that we make our educational institutions a continuum of values and alignment. This is the basic brick of the building to fix your deck and keep it afloat. This work will provide us with the basic guidance on which policies can be most easy to make. What to do and what not to do and why to do and why not to do, just this point will become the standard of decision.

  • It is an important religious duty to try to present a complete picture of the teachings of Islam in this period of revival of Islam. Regardless of the success of the scheme, it is important to have confidence and trust instead of trust.
  • . The first audience of educational institutions is students. It is a real pleasure to look after their future well-being with the worldly view.
  • The educational institution has a double responsibility for social reform in the era of moral breakdown. It should point the flow in the wrong direction of society. His path must also be stopped and he should try to turn it in the right direction, so that he himself becomes part of this wrong direction of flow.
  • Without the purification of the educational process and the teacher as the focus, the Islamic structure of the system of education would be a dream.
  • Whether home or a community, school, madrassa or university is not getting through Allah through education and training, the person is not becoming his Lord, and then the whole educational scheme is a question mark.
  • It is the purpose of the Islamic system of education to develop a balanced personality and to develop all the aspects that can be achieved in the light of inspirational guidance so that they can best utilize the world in the Hereafter.
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