The responsibilities of parents and teachers to educate and train children in Islam

The responsibilities of parents and teachers to educate and train children in Islam

Training children is a blessing, otherwise it becomes a temptation. Religion is an obligation to train children in diversification. Because just as parents have rights over their children, so the children of the children have rights, and just as God has commanded us to do good to parents, so He has commanded us to do kindness to children. Their best training is to actually pay the trust properly and leaving them free and lacking in their rights is fraud and betrayal.

The arguments of the Book and the Sunnah indicate that it should be done with kindness. Let their trust be granted, let them be freed, and be saved from slaughter in their realms. Because one of the numerous blessings of Allah is a great blessing. And there is no doubt that if children are trained properly, they are also the light of the eyes and the heart. But if the offspring deteriorates and is not properly trained, then those children become a test.

The book “Commenting on the Parents and Teachers’ Responsibilities for the Education and Training of Children in Islam” is a translation of an Arabic book on the subject of training children by Saudi Arabia’s leading scholar, Sheikh Mohammed bin Jameel Zeno. Has focused on the education and teaching of the Nonchalant nation, focusing on the interpretation of the hopes and sensual dreams of the future Ummah.

And has tried to cover almost everything that could be known from the Muslim What matters to the training of children and what is essential for their complete civilization. Parents or teachers, how do they train children? How to raise awareness of Islamic attributes in them? This book is the most important part of the book. It is one of the best books on improving the future of our children and training them properly in Islam.

Ministries, teachers and parents have the best and the most useful. In addition to this book, Sheikh Jamil Zeno is the author of numerous useful scholarly books, many of which have been translated into Urdu. ۔

May Allah save him from being a writer, translator, publisher and helper in his printing, and enriching the children of the Muslim Ummah with the wealth of good manners and teachings of Islam.

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