The problem of education and training

The problem of education and training

The problem of education and training

Children’s lives revolve around parents, and the child is seen as needy in every case. They decide their lives and decide on their parents’ wishes. There is no doubt that without education there are many problems in the world.

It is education that looks and feels human. As the child stands on his feet, his parents begin to educate him as the child begins to understand. That the real purpose of parents is to educate children around the world? Does education have the lead in comparing education and training? The answer to this question is that parents are not training their children, but are only emphasizing their education.

The benefits of training as well as education cannot be ignored. We have only education but lack of training, which is why the educational system does not produce good results. If training is done from an early age, it is better to do the training not only in the seminary but also the training that is done at home, which is usually more effective and stronger then training at home is much easier. Is also This is the way that parents first become self-righteous and the things that children should be trained to do first, children learn many things by watching their parents’ movements and their actions.

For example, children learn the style of communication from the elder to the elder, to etiquette, etc. from their parents. If parents tell their children better when they are young, they are more likely to adopt their parents’ words and their environment. The interesting thing is that nowadays, many families in Muslim society are so liberated. It does not seem to have a good effect on the offspring.

Parents wake up late at night and sleep until daybreak. Children become enamored of the same tradition. Television is played in homes all over the world, which parents watch with their children.

As a result, children also get used to TV. One is a waste of time, the other is a lot of negative things. Most of the time, it is seen that children are successful in exams by scraping books but they are morally upset because they are only limited to education. To achieve success and seem unsuccessful in terms of training. Various programs should be undertaken to increase the training and mental capacity of the students along with education in educational institutions.

Institutions should also have programs on social welfare and urban defense on a regular basis to educate students in educational institutions. In this way, children will be able to perform their role in society better in any disaster or emergency situation. Along with the mental development of children, physical development is also essential. Sports are a fundamental part of physical development.

Nowadays there is a need for attention in educational institutions so that children are healthy. Nowadays media and internet access is available in almost every home, even the illiterate people and children are using it diligently. ۔ The responsibility of preventing children from using these facilities negatively, where parents are concerned, is also the responsibility of teachers to raise awareness of the harm caused by the negative use of these facilities.

With parents, teachers and specialists, if the children’s education and training also guide the future of the students and give the students freedom according to their tendency in the field of education, there is no reason for the development of patriotic development. Decide early. What is the importance of elders? How to treat elderly kindly? Parents teach children everything.

The purpose of human rights is to serve humanity. Loving all human beings is to understand their pain as their own pain, to share in their happiness. Child Rights can only be learned when parents teach it. Parents are obliged to train their children with their education. So that they can become a good person in the society and become well acquainted with the requirements of knowledge and literature.

Parents have a vital role to play in the education and training of children. Parents should not only assume responsibility for the education and training of their children, but also develop the personality of the children under their supervision so that they can determine their responsibilities in society and Don’t overthrow moral boundaries. Along with the good education of the children of today, good training is also needed. Because good education creates confidence in the children and they can easily be overcome by all the difficult times.

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