The Lezen Education System compatible with modern-day requirements.

The Lezen Education System compatible with modern-day requirements

Today humans have reached the stage of development, extraordinary development and innovation have come to life in every field, and education and logic education are being practiced on scientific basis, which will result in the children’s ability to highlight their natural tendencies. According to education and training, the essence of inquiry, research and question-answering is created in the student. Instead of degree in education, the teaching and construction of research is practiced, in the same system of education. The Lizen Education System is a notable name, the most popular and successful journey in Jofland.

A team of art education youths in Pakistan, after a decade of liver and hard work, molded the teaching education system into the framework of Pakistan, under the supervision of the Sharia board on the scholars based on Islamic principles of morality and training. Set up, which was started six months ago on two campuses in Montessori Classes, during which teachers’ training sessions were organized as well as training workshops for parents of students who became part of the licensing system.

 The opening ceremony was held on November 25, 2018 at the local hotel in Islamabad The guest of honor at the inaugural event was Special Sheikh al-Hadith, educationist, renowned religious scholar, Maulana Azad al-Rashidi, while Mohsin Khan Abbasi, Education Consultant Ikram Chauhan, CEO  Lezen  Education System Khawar Zaman Abbasi, Mohammad Asif al-Mudassi Mohammed al-Mudassi Mohamed al-Mudassi Mohamed al-Mudassi Mohamed al-Mudassi Mohammed al-Mudassi Mohamed al-Mudassi Mohamed al-Mudassi.

Business Consultant Abdullah Bin Zubair, President PSN Dr. Afzal Babar, Maulana Qasim Shah, Mazhar Javed Advocate, Mufti Shiraz from Umar Bin Khattab Education System, Jamil Rahmani Iqra Education System, Nadeem Yaqub, Mufti Haidar Ali, Manoof Sarfar, Manoof. , Mufti Shamshad, Maulana Abdul Rauf Mohammadi, Maulana Tanvir Ahmad Awan, Sardarmah Apart from Mad Mazhar, Ijaz-ul-Haq Abbasi, Tahir Shah, Master Tariq, Naseer Chitrali, prominent personalities from all over the country attended the briefing.

Guest Special Sheikh Al-Hadith Maulana Zahid al-Rashidi spoke thoughtfully to the participants of the inauguration ceremony of the Legislative Education System, saying that we have to educate and educate the people about the needs of their time; the present century is the century of religion. The world has been studying the lives of Islam and Islamic scholars, especially Shah Waliullah and Abu Monsoor Matridi. You expressed your best wishes about the education system and said that I was well acquainted with the education system and its team. Yes,

And with us and guidance every moment and every moment they will be in attendance. This is a “long-term” struggle; we should play our role together in its development. Education consultant Ikram Chauhan said that the key to the education system is that it focuses on Mufti Taqi Usmani and Maulana Zahid. Al-Rashidi is under the patronage of al-Rashidi, we want patriotic and Islamist students whose skills are in defense and stability for the promotion of Pakistan and Islam.

Managing Director Mohsin Khan Abbasi thanked all the guests from across the country at the inauguration of the Lizen Education System, saying the Lizen Education System has begun its journey after ten years of hard work and dedication. The education system completes the next ten years of paperwork

The important thing about the education system is that parents’ workshops are regularly organized to accommodate the student’s education and training as well as the environment of his or her home environment. In presenting the keynote, I explained the basic idea of ​​the education system and the educational structure in detail. Shahzad Ahmad Abbasi and Zia-ur-Rehman performed the duties of Stage Secretary.

The visionary education system is the voice of modern times, which the West has traveled and our society is demanding. This system primarily focuses on developing the thinking skills of the students, promoting reading habits, education and research development. And the current system of education is to move beyond “the purpose of providing only employees and taking advantage of modern inventive facilities” to the creation of a world-renowned system of learning skills and inventions, through this system of education. Delivering students from the existing Rata system helps them to think on their own and to master the subject.

Aspects of the interest in the educational process are generated by the ability to ask a question to a child. At the Montessori level in the education system, children place a huge bag of textbooks to “learn, understand and move on to play games.” Various activities “are taught through the acquisition of the four learning skills in the educational system, the student’s interest is enhanced, the students are given different goals and targets during the course of their education, which is to achieve and educate. Not only increase their self-esteem after listening to words of appreciation and encouragement Uta keeps rising but also develop leadership skills in the education system in education.  Lezen times and managed to check and balance the distribution system when students are given lessons taught from the entertainment and sports training.

The most important thing about the Lezen Education System is that there is an integrated system of examination under which the students’ abilities and abilities are strengthened; the child develops a passion for competitiveness and learning. As such, the system focuses on bringing the weaker children to a minimum standard, giving the child homework in the form of practical exercises that are of interest to both parents and students. Most importantly, the teachers involved in the Teaching Education System team have been structured in a coordinated, organized and comprehensive program, supervised by education specialists, before being assigned to the internship and external teaching professional courses. Will be part of the licensing education system.

The Lizen Education System is a unique and effective system of education. Under the missionary spirit, the efforts of the virtuous and talented youth should be handled so that we can succeed in bringing such generations out of the current academic stagnation. Go, the young people of the country are so talented that they can play their part in bringing the nation and the nation to the brink of development.

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