The duty of Islamic education for children

The duty of Islamic education for children

Just as every Muslim has a duty to make himself aware of the essential and basic Islamic teachings, it is the duty of every Muslim parent to make his children and children aware of the essential and basic Islamic teachings, and he is completely oblivious. Inattentiveness is one of the important rights of a child over his parents to teach him Islamic education, and any deficiency in this regard is attributable to Allah, and a child who is deprived of Islamic education will himself be a parent on the Day of Resurrection. Will complain in the presence of Allah, and it will be hard for parents instead of mercy.

But sadly in today’s age, a large number of Muslims but also the majority of them is unaware of the Islamic teachings and its importance, which is why we see many parents today raising their children to modernity. Many run for education, choose high school, college and university, and do not hesitate to spend more than they can afford, but are prepared to make all kinds of sacrifices. Living, and not just schooling, but also managing tuition separately on college education, although a sophisticated substance is English, physics and Why not let him have a thousand or more for chemistry, etc., and send their children to the teacher’s house.

While we, on the other hand, a large number of Muslims are completely unaware of the religious education and training of their children, they are not even aware of it, which is why they do not care at all or if they pay attention. So very kind and they do not value religious education as much as modern education, so they do not spend as much on religious education as they do on modern education, nor on Islamic education.

It hurts to have a teacher etc separately, and if the cloud is inevitable and forcing some educator for tutoring, He calls and takes great care and stubbornness in determining his advice and tries to convince at least Maulvi or Hafiz, and looks for various excuses and excuses for it. They do not respect, but generally view it with contempt, while the opposite is to say that we should focus more on modern education than on modern education, because it is in our favor both in the world and in the Hereafter. And respect the Qur’an and religious educators more. Pay him more and send his kids home.

The result of this ignorance, ignorance and disregard of religious education is that a whole generation of Muslims today are devoid of religion, they know nothing about their religion, fear of God is within them, It is a bargain for them to perform their duties as if they are practicing saints, and this is one of the reasons for the humiliation and disgrace of Muslims in the world.

So the need is that we as parents understand the importance of Islamic education. Change your outlook and thinking about religious education, and work as hard as you can to provide your children with essential and basic religious education, but also work as hard as we do for modern education. Do not neglect the particulars so that we can exercise our children’s rights and be relieved of our responsibilities.

And there are different ways to achieve this, which seems to be the simplest way to solve this problem: we want to run more and more Muslim Week Islamic schools. Likewise, set up Islamic education camps on holidays, especially on holidays, or arrange tuition at home or educate parents for their own children, etc. so that our modern and modern educated children can get Islamic education. It is the responsibility of the scholars, and the parents, to persuade their children to attend these schools and camps. And it is the responsibility of Muslim scholars to openly support such Islamic schools and camps so that everyone Someone might be better off with Islamic education.

And my saying does not mean that we should not give our children modern education or deprive them of it, rather it is in dire need of it today, and it is obligatory on Muslims to demand every modern knowledge. What Muslims need, and is useful to Islamic society, for example engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, pharmacy, nursing, mathematics, computers, etc. But what I mean is just that we Do not oppress religious and Islamic education at all costs, but give it more importance than modern education, and do not neglect the religious education of yourself and your children.

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