The disadvantages of the current system of education and its preparation

The disadvantages of the current system of education and its preparation
The disadvantages of the current system of education and its preparation

Islam is a complete code of conduct that guides all aspects of life. That is why Islam is claiming to be a universal religion that offers a great solution to all the problems that arise until the Day of Judgment. Pakistan is a state which is based on Islamic ideology, whose main objective was to establish a state in which the Quran and Sunnah were fully promoted and everyone had religious freedom. Muslims can practice their religious freedoms with full freedom and have the freedom to follow the commands of Almighty in this country. Is left

 One of the major problems in all these problems is the destruction of our system of education, which has filled the two lives of the system. Education has taken human dignity, the system and the concept of Islam, the social power of Islam to the brink of destruction.

Parents’ eyes are always drawn to educational institutions that can improve their children’s education, education and characterization of their children. Be bright for dignity but how their dreams are executed in Karachi and the future of their children is mentioned below. I think it is my duty to throw a brief light on the effects of society.

Disadvantages of the current system of education:

The decision to rise and fall in the world is linked to the intellectual development, moral and ideological education and training of the youth. If the education and training of the youth in the society is done with honest, sincere and sincere heart then the youth of this society are guaranteed the bright and exemplary destiny of their society.

On the contrary, if the education, training and training of young people in a society can be used lazily in the moral, intellectual and ideological training, such young people can lead to the destruction of their own society.

Knowledge gives peace, stability and solidarity to society. Ignorance gives thought, corruption and deprivation to society. There is no shortage of good and qualified individuals in the societies in which the educational institutions fulfill their responsibilities.

We ignored education and training, growth and success stopped us. When the purpose of education was to tell the child only to get a job, then a good mentor from the current education system, the ‘educated’ mentor leader. It is enough for the destruction of society that it is enough for the young man to dream of the western system of education and the system of life and to disappoint him with Islamic socialism and education. To be given

 Leadership of all Muslim countries has left its young generation unharmed, to which their livelihoods go like a flock of animals. But regrettably, in all the educational institutions of our country, teachers are appointed to look for recommendations, bribes or credentials from a reputable institution.

When appointing a teacher, it is only visible that we are giving the valuable crop of our country in the hands of the person whom we have appointed for the position of teacher if the person working on this crop is good and honest. If the crop is good, the crop will be so good and good, otherwise the crop will go bankrupt. This is the major cause of the destruction of our education system today.

The current system of education is notable for its disasters.

  • Impairment of the education system
  • Bilingualism in the name of education
  • Lack of Finnish education
  • Lack of credibility
  • Inappropriate duration of education
  • Lack of educational planning
  • Appointment of unskilled teachers
  • Promotion of non-systemic education
  • Inability to study the Urdu system
  • Encourage classroom education
  • Curriculum education based on non-religious principles
  • Lack of cleansing and feeling
  • Immoral system of system punishment
  • Conduct unnecessary tours and workshops in educational institutions
  • Lack of research
  • Lack of coordination of educational institutions
  • ۔ Lack of honesty in teachers
  • Promoting the Declaration of Non-Islamic Thinking
  • Open music opportunities for music education
  • No open clothing allowed
  • Promoting non-Islamic curriculum education
  • Mixed systems education based educational policy
  • Increased trend of addiction among students
  • Independent use of the net in educational institutions
  • Free distribution of Internet and laptops
  • Lack of punctuality time between students and teachers
  • Discourage religious-minded teachers
  • Lack of Islamic training in students and disciplines
  • Independent use of instrumental music in educational institutions
  • The rising trend of corruption in the education system and the murder of merit
  • Open teaching opportunities for Western-thinking teachers
  • Disrupting the teaching field of religious people
  • Uninterrupted interference in our education system of Western experts
  • Immoral programs and seminars sponsored by the administration Holding
  • Unexpected use of dance and instrument music in educational institutions
  • There is a growing trend of ‘racial and regional prejudice’ in educational institutions
  • False claims of inconsistency and free education in education policies
  • Recruiting students for cleaning and depriving non-teaching staff
  • Lack of proper buildings and proper arrangements for student recreation
  • Secondary priority of system education and irresponsible thinking about education in national priorities.
  • A genuine passion for teaching and learning for teachers and students, lack of taste and sincerity.
  • Curriculum teaching of religious and world-class centers is causing mutual hatred for teaching.
  • Government agencies’ lack of resources and facilities, such as the lack of staff to clean ‘non-standard furniture’, toilet toilets, lack of safe drinking water and adequate security.
  • Determine civilized “terrorist” stereotypes of religious seminary students
  • Increase in college, university fees and other expenses The inadequate pursuit of education for the poor and middle class therefore leaves very intelligent and intelligent poor children out of higher education.
  • Students lacked a valid position, respect, and importance after being educated due to a lack of taste and passion in the knowledge.
  • Do not provide monthly payment to teachers of educational institutions as per their needs.
  • Government to build world-class educational institutions, especially primary, middle and high school buildings in inappropriate places.
  • Appointing teachers in our educational institutions on a political and bribe basis is a major cause of the destruction of our educational system.
  • Lack of proper training system for teachers’ lack of regular training centers and colleges for teacher training.
  • Lack of a uniform education system.
  • Physical punishment is also a major reason for students to be deprived of education in all educational institutions. The aforementioned activities of today’s teachers have led many students to lose their wealth of knowledge by being physically handicapped and mentally paralyzed.
  • Not giving students primary education in their native language is also a cause of destruction of our education system. Must have mastered English or other languages, but in the beginning, students should be able to read their native language more easily and speak their mind well. Can sit
  • Ignorance of primary education is proof of the destruction of education. If basic education is not strengthened then it will be impossible and foolish to build further education destinations.
  • Not equal to the attendance of teachers in the primary and middle schools of the villages.
  • The availability of furniture and other science and equipment required in all educational institutes is also the cause of the destruction of our educational system.
  • The main reason for the destruction of our educational system is that the education offices are not far behind in the spread of corruption. It is impossible to raise the standard of education without controlling it. For example, even if someone complains of misuse of pediatric school buildings, funds, and furniture, none of the responsible officers are ready to take legal action.
  • Appointment of teachers as needed in educational institutions and private schools’ outbreaks of the academy have betrayed the salaries of the government teachers by paying them salaries and part-time efforts to educate the students well in the academy and clear the name of the academy.

Recovery of current system disasters:

Due to the lack of education in the national priorities, the state educational institutions reached the brink of destruction due to lack of resources and inconsistency in educational policies. Because of this open massacre of merit, the system of education came to those who made no effort to trade education.

Today, people are decorating their shops, from school to university, with cheerful slogans such as standard service, standardized education in every street, neighborhood and town. What could be more ironic than “materialism”, “despair”, drunkenness, abusive parenting in all myths and evils, disrespect for their elders, humiliation of teachers, mocking the Islamic ideology ” Corruption is a gift to the current “curriculum of women and wealth, addiction to drugs” and the current curriculum and education. What we need to do is to take steps to get the most out of this, based on what we call a “good” standard and development. Guaranteed systems of stability can overcome the shortcomings of the past by succeeding in establishing education. Suggestions are in service.

Qur’anic and Sunnah-based system of education should be introduced in the country.

  • Provide educational opportunities in the system of education to teachers who are trained in Islamic education.
  • Religious, linguistic prejudices should be abolished and system education based on the same syllabus should be introduced.
  • Simplify the testing system to discourage uneducated people with fake degrees.
  • The modern method of teaching in the system of education should be declared compulsory.
  • Have teachers conduct vocational training courses.
  • Emphasis should be given to the training aspect in elementary education.
  • Advanced methodology should be made part of the system education.
  • Access to specialist education services to the fullest extent possible.
  • Steps should be taken to promote uniform system education.
  • Establish a system of self-reflection and accountability in educational institutes.
  • All modern resources and facilities should be provided to educational institutions
  • Action against unregistered educational institutions.
  • Rules should be made to prohibit prayer in education institutions.
  • Ban on non-formal clothing in educational institutions.
  • The class division of educational institutions should be cut off so that the future of the nation can be guaranteed unity.
  • Achieve common understanding and affordable curriculum education in the country.
  • Curriculum education, from basic education to higher education, should be introduced in the national language Urdu.
  • Take steps to clean the physical ‘clothing of the students and teachers.
  • Recruit properly the learned scholars from Quran and Sunnah for selection of curriculum.
  • Duplicate transit to test centers will be closed so that a merit based system can be established
  • Provide teaching opportunities to qualified and able people.
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