Professional education, co-curricular activities and veterinary professions

Professional education, co-curricular activities and veterinary professions

How a professional serves a community and his / her profession after graduating from a university does not depend on its technical knowledge. Attitudes such as quality thinking, style, ambition, openness of view, creativity, sense of responsibility and self-esteem are directly related to the way in which a professional takes advantage of his or her skills. Also has a deep connection to these qualities, but co-curricular and extracurricular activities play a key role in this regard.

Speech, discussion, writing, acting, poetry, pastime, painting, sports and other such activities not only embody the personality of a student but also build their self-esteem as well as show their creativity. Also highlights. When students attend an academic, literary or cultural gathering, getting opportunities from thick books and long lectures in professional educational institutions, it not only makes them mentally fresh, but also gives them an opportunity to learn and think a lot.

It is the basic responsibility of professional educational institutions to not only restrict themselves to a degree but also to make education a part of their personality. If education does not teach tolerance, does not improve personality, does not change thinking style, does not expand mind, does not develop mind and heart, does not highlight creative thinking, and does not broaden vision; There is no difference between a product and an average worker as a result of education, both of whom perform their duties according to their ability, using their skills.

That is, along with education, the moral training and role-making of the students is the main duty of the educational institutions and it is even more important for the professional educational institutions that the doctors, engineers, pharmacists, agriculturalists, veterinarians, social workers play a role in the basic development.

Recently, the All Pakistan Veterinary Degree Awarding Institutes Talent Competition organized by the Art and Lottery Society of the Veterinary Science Faculty of Agricultural University Faisalabad was held in which students, students, students, students, students, students, students, students from across Pakistan were present. And competitions in other fields including singing.

 This activity not only gave students of these institutions an opportunity to meet and understand each other, but also got a platform to showcase their own creativity. The team consisting of Dr. Ashar Saq, Dr. Misbah Ijaz, Dr. Kasab, Dr. Muzammil, Dr. Junaid and Students of the University deserves the congratulations and congratulations on conducting this activity. Got to see where the Quiz Competition was held.

The Art and Lottery Society (ALS) is providing the best platform for students of the Veterinary Faculty of the Agricultural University. The Society has been instrumental in the training of twenty stars of the Veterinary Profession of Pakistan. I too was a part of this society as a student and learned a lot from here. Founded by Dr. Mohammad Irshad, a professor of microbiology at the University Of Baselia University, ALS, who is now serving the same institution after retirement. ALS-style societies and clubs are also functioning at the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, Gomal University Dera Ismail Khan and a few other institutions, but there are still some veterinary educational institutions where there is no such ritual for students. The forum does not exist. These organizations should provide a platform or at least conduct activities that are very important.

In Pakistan’s higher educational institutions, there is a mixed reaction regarding syllabus activities and extracurricular activities. There are some institutes where students get good opportunities in this regard, but there are some institutes where the environment is a bit tight in this regard. The thinking of the instructors in these institutions is also different.

 While some professors see the activities as urgent, they play a role in promoting them, while there are others who feel that such activities are a waste and a waste of time. Whatever the situation, it is the responsibility of the institutions to continue the curriculum and extracurricular activities in different ways along with education.

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