Private educational institutions vs Government

Private educational institutions vs. government

Private educational institutions vs. government

A few days ago the kids had to go to school. Children’s third quarter papers are due, but some of their copies and current work in books have not yet been properly checked. From the above, two holidays were given in protest at the school and it was heard that the protest could be further extended if the government did not obey the demands of the private institutions. This is one of the few popular schools in which my children are studying.

 Along with the quality education, the quality of fees is very high. Now I was sitting outside the office waiting to meet with the school administrator that I had in mind that there were requests that were difficult for the government to believe. Make it easy for parents and children by following their suggestions or suggestions. Why, children are becoming the cause of disruptions in their education. But on the other hand, it came to mind that if some demands are illegal and if the government accepts them today, then tomorrow they will stand up again to blackmail the government by making an excuse for protest.

First of all, check out the vacancies of your public educational institutes. Because of this, people are forced to enroll their children in private educational institutions. It is the responsibility of any government and state to provide basic and standard services such as education and health to the people. The question is whether our government is providing the public with these two facilities in a standard way. Then the answer will surely come in the negative. If the government cannot do so, why is it creating problems for children, parents, teachers and employees by interacting with private educational institutions?

If these institutions are raising fees, what is the need to stop them while parents voluntarily and willingly enroll their children in these institutions? These institutions do not pull parents from homes to enroll their children in our institutions. Parents voluntarily choose these institutions for the better future of their children. Just now I was stuck at the point that I was called to the office, and I picked up copies and books and pointed out to the school administrator the errors of how poorly assigned work was checked.

 This later affects children’s outcome. Just now I was busy discussing that the manager was called by the principal and she went there. It came to my mind that even after paying such a high fee, this school has a quality of education and I am not satisfied with what the standard of education in the lower level educational institutions will be.

After all, every parent dreams of a bright future for their children. Now if you talk about your public schools, there is not enough furniture available for the children to sit on. No fans in the summer. There are no coolers or taps available for drinking water. If there are some institutions, they have not been cleaned for a long time. What is most disturbing is that access to the bathroom is not available for the essentials.

Speaking of protective walls, they are in such a state of disrepair that they are not hidden from anyone. How many security measures are at the gate from a terrorist standpoint? Need further explanation here? But these private companies, with the money, provide all these facilities to their companies more or less. Then why is the government skeptical of these educational institutions and why they are creating problems for them instead of giving them facilities to run the institutions. An elder says:

People are on the religion of their rulers”

(Religion here refers not to religion but to methods)

The practice of exploitation is becoming more common in our society. The employer is on the verge of exploiting the maid, the landlord, the doctor, the patient, the rich subordinate, the laborer, the industrial laborer, the shopkeeper, and the weak. It is the government’s responsibility to stop the exploiters. But they want to be left completely offended.

But they must think that they are bound to work within the jurisdiction of the state, within the limits of the state. Well they are providing quality education compared to public schools. But that does not mean that those who come into their hearts should do so. While I admire the efforts of private educational institutions to maintain quality education, it is my duty to address their mistakes and exploitative behavior.

First of all, these companies have taken up the responsibility of providing books and uniforms themselves, or have told certain shops that they will get books and uniforms from all places. Give parents or children a list of books and copies wherever they want to buy Miscellaneous expenses are charged with a fee.

The term miscellaneous should be used to determine where the expenditure is spent. Festivities are arranged for the occasion. Like Bonfire valentine Day, Halloween, etc., all of these events have to do with our environment or our integrity. Organizing these events is said to be cost-effective and therefore these institutions take this step because the institutions cannot be run properly without the increase. It is said that:

“Education is the third eye of man”

The purpose of educational institutions was to make people aware and understandable, but in today’s time the purpose of education has been to make money only and to open branches of other educational institutions. The government should ban the departure of government officials, government ministers, advisers to the functioning of private educational institutions so that the defects that may arise due to the relations of these people are addressed and the number of schools that are open to khums. As such, their boundaries should be set and strict rules should be enacted so that only a few institutions or owners pay close attention to improving the condition of the entire educational institutions so that at least the white elite can educate their children there. I was still thinking that the moderator would come back and listen to my grievances.

 I pointed out a few more errors in the copies and books that they found to be such that the problem is that some teachers leave the institution on a better salary before the end of the school year. Which causes the burden to be transferred to other teachers and then to such non-standard and careless checking complaints. Thanks to him I was just out of the office when a long time friend of mine called. By the sound, she was feeling sick. She also teaches English at a top-notch educational school. After the purchase, it was found that he had been given the entire eight-to-eight grades in the school. Neither does it take time to check copies at school, nor is it tea and duty is so severe that it is feverish.

 According to the rules of the educational institutions a teacher can be given a maximum of five, to teach in the period. But there is no rule and no way, it turns out that this time the annual enrollment teachers were supposed to meet has been stopped because the government stopped the increase in fees in 2015-2016. If these private schools are to assess the poverty and well-being of their owners, the number of their campuses can be calculated. In the last ten to fifteen years, these private educational institutions have become so branches that so much development has been made by hardly any industry in the country. On the growth and fortune of these organizations, the saying goes:

Very lucky chap; having multiple sources of income

Canteens in schools receive both rent and commissions for contracts and items are sold to children at affordable prices. So in the meantime, my friend started to tell me that relaxation in teaching the parade is given only to those teachers who have personal ties to the Principal or any other faculty of the institution. People like us who get jobs based on merit are treated discriminated against and even brought in by recommenders.

 There is still much to write about the problems of parents and teachers in these private educational institutions, along with parents, teachers are also exploited. I was talking to a parent representative and my friend as a representative of the teacher’s problems, so at that moment my car came up and I said goodbye and stopped the phone.

On the way home, I was sitting in the car wondering if the confrontation between the government and private educational institutions would somehow reach a positive and resolved solution, or the rest of the problems left the public to grind the mill in two.

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