Outdated education and our curriculum

Outdated education and our curriculum

Outdated education and our curriculum.

The secret of a nation’s development is based on the educational potential of its youth. Excellent education guarantees the construction of the personality and character of the breed; education itself serves to illuminate the human being with the highest values of civilization,as well as the mental cleansing of individuals. It enriches the moral and social system; the nation whose educational system and the educational quality of the youth is high, it enhances the knowledge of the people of the country through development.

With the passing of the Resolution of Pakistan in 1940, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah formed a committee comprising experts from the Muslim League, which had the responsibility of developing a system of education and culture for Pakistan, through which the new The state and its system of education can be adjusted according to Islamic requirements; this committee has three tasks:

  • Education system
  • system economy
  • System politics

Immediately after becoming Pakistan, the first national educational conference was convened in October 1947, inviting experts from all over the country. In a message to the conference, Leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah wrote, “The current system of education cannot meet our needs and we need a system based on the correct lines.”

But it was our misfortune that the founding leader of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, did not get much respite and he left the world after only one year of establishment, after which a certain class but a loyal part of the British were imposed on us.

According to Allama Iqbal,

“The eradication of eagles in the face of crows

is really the erosion of eagles in the face of crows .

The wise and distant nations of the world set up their education in such a way that, in the shadow of it, the rising generations should be the pioneers of their ideology and their civilization. For the last 73 years we have been devoting most of our efforts, activities, energies and resources to reading and learning, which was introduced by the British.

All our educational endeavors and resources are still being used to achieve that goal, set by Lord Macaulay in 1984. What will guide us to dominate British-Western thinking in Indian color and taste in color and race?

What has this English system of education given us? Only clerks and clergymen. It should be clear here that we are not denying the usefulness of modern education; its utility is in its place. But we have the advantages and disadvantages of Lord Macaulay’s system of education.

After all, why don’t we consider why all our adult education schemes fail? Why do more rural children flee public schools? Why is the large number of women so different from public school education? One of the main reasons for this failure, this escapade, and this isolation is to make this education unprofessional, unrealistic and unprofessional. Today, education has become a regular and very profitable trade for us. Now the relationship between teacher and pupil has not changed as a father, son, but as a trader and employer.

Various kinds of educational institutions are steadily strengthening the process of dividing society into classes. Promoting VIP culture in the society. Today, our curriculum and educational institutions have become the tools of the colonial forces. The Islamic curriculum is non-Muslim. Today, the country is flooded with aimless and indiscriminate educational institutions, whose education has no purpose.

Why do we still have the 141st rank in the literacy ladder today, even after years of being on the ladder of literacy? Why do all the efforts of the resources and institutions spent on the promotion of literacy prove to be fruitless?

What is our collective leadership attitude about education? What impact does our feudal and political system have on educational institutions? Our educational policies Our curriculum is at the heart of the imperialist forces; the practice of foreign institutions has eroded the freedom of knowledge and education.

Extraction of Islamic Historical Material from Curriculum to Modern Languages Disciples of Urdu, Arabic and Persian, Economics, Politics, Law and English Literature The use of Hindu authors’ books, low educational budgets and poor educational curriculum all these reasons. One of the biggest obstacles to educational development.

Now the question that arises is that if we want to rectify the situation today and fix the defects mentioned above, then for this we need to take some steps, for example, objective education, results education, Minhaj education, system. Education, curriculum education, source education, caretaker education. To bring about meaningful and lasting change in all these sectors, some measures need to be immediate and short-term and some long-term measures are also needed. The first task in this regard is the training and justification of teachers.

Establish training programs for elementary and middle class teachers, from college and university teachers. The second most important and urgent task is to create a religious literature for children and young people, and especially for others, that is comprehensive to rid the West of intellectual and cultural slavery. The third aspect of immediate attention is the increasing illiteracy, which must be overcome.

In addition, the political and feudal system should be prevented from interfering with educational institutions. With strict supervision of the education budget, our poor education system is creating immense social, moral, political, economic, potential. The number of degree holders and unemployment is increasing day by day.

The morals and roles of the younger generation are eroding, so unless the whole system of education and curriculum is revisited, it will not be harmonized with the collective, national and economic needs of the countrymen. Unemployment for the underprivileged youth and the numerous and endless setbacks that result from it will not be solved.

It is the responsibility of all of us to change the standard of education. The government, educational institutions, intellectuals, socialist scholars and elders, educators and intellectuals should all achieve these goals through mutual consultation, and if the people of Pakistan in this regard, mislead the next generation of them. Crying for problems does not solve the problems, but they certainly increase.

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