Our System Education… A few tips for improvement

Our System Education… A few tips for improvement

Our System Education… A few tips for improvement

In our system of education, subjects are structured and organized by specific disciplines in such a way that students in one area are completely unfamiliar with other subjects. Although the studies are now so widespread that specialization has become mandatory. However, the students of the arts must know the basics of science and the science students must know the basics of social studies so that the necessary resources are opened in the mind and the students do not get lost in their particular subjects and in other areas of life. Because of being completely ignorant, I could not create a mentality with limited perspective and reality.

In addition, the curriculum of the school ‘college’ and ‘religious seminary’ is being diminished by the intensity of the curriculum of the students who are studying in the college. They should have the opportunity to learn about the beliefs and ideals of the religion of Islam and be trained to live in accordance with the Islamic principles of practical life.

In the same way, students who are studying with religious madrassas need to be acquainted with advanced sciences such as science, mathematics, computer study, Pakistan etc. Therefore, for the wider interests of the country and the nation it is necessary to establish unity in the religious madrassas and school and college and university system of education and curriculum education.

In our current curriculum, there is a lot of emphasis on optical education but not practical training. This is a computer age, so the increasing technical and technical requirements require not only to create clerks through education, but also to create specialists for every area of ​​economic life by providing students with expertise in various fields.

It is possible to teach different skills to the students as soon as the secondary education starts after primary education so that students who cannot get higher education after getting secondary or higher secondary education I am proficient in art and able to earn my living respectfully. Without the opportunity to get a job without a degree in vocational education, our youth will be the victim of a world of crime. This situation indicates that the current system of education is poor.

One of the main reasons for our educational backwardness is through education and teaching. Even now, advanced students are taught through a foreign language. Earlier, this error was in the minorities but the nation is fortunate to now have the option of making its national language a source of education in degree (BA). However, foreign and foreign language education is available in vocational and professional institutions. The fact is that three quarters of the failing students fail in the same subject

 Most students are excluded from teaching due to English as a compulsory subject, meaning that the strengths of these students are simply to overcome the difficulties of the foreign language and creative minds do not have the opportunity to emerge in various fields. If all our educational activities are carried out in Urdu then students can save a lot of time and they can be successful in gaining deep insights in different subjects as language is not just a source of education but also a symbol of civilization and culture of a nation. Also happens. Adoption of the national language will help the Pakistani students to have a real awareness of their nationality and will get rid of mental slavery.

In our current system of education, the method of examinations is also incorrect. The strength of our memory can be judged by the tests we have, but the ability and intelligence of a person and their insight into a subject can not be accurately assessed by these tests. In these exams, the student will show very good result, who accidentally read the entire syllabus in the syllabus only half a day ago, but the student who has read the entire syllabus but did not read it by chance. If asked, it can hardly be successful, so the current method test needs improvement.

 In this regard Western countries should adopt good aspects of education. The method of teaching is fundamental to the rise and fall of teaching quality education. We need to improve our teaching methods. Children are forced to read through fearful intimidation or because of certain compulsions. The teacher’s absence in the classroom and the compulsion of the child to study tuition lacks the learning environment. Summary ‘Due to test papers, the importance of libraries to us is not addressed to the students nor is the opportunity provided by the libraries to benefit them at all.

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