Ineligible school or ineligible children

Ineligible school or ineligible children

A good and active teacher is one who not only masters his subject matter but also has full access to his professional skills and above all, always keeps his attitude positive. He has to build generations. He is a role model of children and his positive attitude plays a very important role in the training of the children. I do not consider this person a teacher who is not accessible to children. Who does not pay full attention to the children’s words and their minor problems. The main purpose of the schools is to provide the children with an environment whereby the hidden abilities are revealed so that they can emerge as good citizens and good citizens in the future. Education is, in fact, a lifestyle. Waking up, sitting well, eating well, drinking well, behaving well, behaving well, having a good attitude, all that is taught is education and that is what a teacher is called a teacher.

We provide the best teachers to our public schools who are not only academically and professionally qualified, but even those who are economically prosperous do not send their children to schools that they are poor. There are schools. Education is free there. What they will teach for free. The government is chanting the same system of education. The real problem is the equal access of children of all classes to all resources. Education is a constitutional responsibility.

All schools should be of the same standard otherwise education is nothing more than a slogan. Large private educational institutions, which do not even have access to poor children, should be forced to quote at least 20% of the total school population for non-resourceful children and give them free education. There are also steps that people who eat and drink may have a better understanding of enrolling children in public schools.

 Punjab University is a laboratory school affiliated to education and research. There are also many PhD scholars who teach. Not only the best teachers all over Pakistan, the teachers of the school are the administrators of this school. But I have never seen a senior university teacher or a senior officer’s child study there. The attitude of economically sound people about government schools is a bad idea that needs to change.

The common man, who is economically very well off, is also striving to find a better school than the public school. Those who have the money know better than to teach children by giving them some money for free. Such schools are mostly in the private sector. This sector also has a mafia who is running a very expensive school in a commercial manner. But some private schools are serving people at a very reasonable fee. Or some schools are under government agencies.

The people of Pakistan, whether it is the Army, Air Force or Navy, have a positive perception that they do everything in a very professional way. In this regard, the forces have a very good impression of Pakistan’s schools. Many Army schools have long been playing an outstanding role in teaching all kinds of curriculum, curriculum and extracurricular, children. The force also has some schools that are usually controlled by Air Force officers or PAFWAs.

One of my acquaintances was fond of teaching his child in a good school, the income was even better than before. Government income does not pay if income is good. They were looking for a better school. He liked the Air Force School in Lahore Cantt area, but admission was difficult. But with any reference and recommendation, the child entered Montessori. A few days ago he was studying in Montessori’s Class Advance. His parents met me.

Some were worried that the child would hear everything in the house, but why go by the name of school became annoying. She wants to not go to school. We met a class teacher who is not ready to hear anything. The Head Mistresses also pay no attention. The child is all right at home, but the grade level of the school is met with all the school responsibilities but no one is ready to listen to us. He gave the phone to the school administrator, Shahid Aslam. When I spoke to him, he told me to send my parents to me.

 I see when the parents found him, he only asked them to visit the school headquarters. According to him, he had received special honors from the Heads of Honor two or three times, so he was reluctant to meet again. I asked them to bring a headphone number and speak for themselves.

I agreed to go to Islamabad these days. I also have a younger brother in the Air Force. Incidentally, he and all his badge Matt and I were together in one place. I asked Air Vice Marshal Sarfraz, who is sitting next to you, who looks at the schools in me I might need to recommend in Lahore. He said that the commander of Lahore’s base commander, Air Commodore Omar, is going to talk to them. This is a very minor thing. When I returned to Lahore, I took the headmistress’s number and called him.

 In response to the Hello, I said that the Heads should speak to Mr. In a sharp tone, he asked who you are and why you should talk. In short, I made a detailed introduction that I am a retired professor and am still studying at the University of Falan and I want to talk about a dear child in the class of my dear friend. The answer is, I don’t talk to anyone but the parents. I begged to hear something, but they stopped calling, and I told them that I must inform the authorities about their behavior and their teacher-friendly devotion. The phone went off after a little more talk, but I kept awake for a long time thinking of the harsh and restrained behavior of his accent.

 This tone and style may be of those ledge behemoths that are scared to scare their husbands but never can be a teacher. Otherwise, the woman and her teacher could not maintain their presence there. People in the Air Force believe in professionalism, how they will tolerate such teachers. They are so accustomed to playing with the destiny of poor children that those responsible do not know their forcible and abusive behavior.

When my dear friend met me the same day, I told him that if you have a permanent love for your child then it is a sin to think of this school as a sin and if you want to destroy your child permanently, I ask for recommendation. They understood the matter and they decided to move the child somewhere else. But the next day Head Mistress called the parents themselves and the child and the problem are still there today.

I have been teaching for 45 years continuously since 1974. I have been a teacher training for over 30 years. But I also got a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from Punjab University’s Education and Research and I still teach Elementary Teachers there.

 Have a Leadership in Learning Certificate from Howard University USA and a Postgraduate Certificate in Competency-Based Education: The Why, What, and How from the renowned MIT University in the United States. As an education student, I know that educators around the world are very sensitive to the child’s elementary education. This education forms the basis of the child. But the basis of building this foundation is the attitude of the teacher. It is important to know a few things about your child’s early education.

School, parents, and child are a drive to connect that is the key to a child’s success. The teacher keeps the parent informed of the child’s school routines and parents are aware of the child’s routines in the home environment and at home. Both of them are fully aware of the child’s situation, and it is very important for the child to be well trained. It is a great offense for the teacher not to listen or contact the parents, and the other is the biggest obstacle to the child’s training.

The teacher is a role model for the child. His attitude and good manners are the most important in child training. Elementary class teachers’ behavior determines the child’s interest in education. The teacher’s expression of love and compassion creates positive behaviors within the child, he / she begins to love education and the environment. Love grows from within. The teacher’s negative attitude promotes hatred. The child also begins to hate himself. Everything looks bad, including education.

 Therefore, the teacher of the elementary classes should be in love. This should be a source of encouragement. Even if a child does wrong, his or her work should be corrected in a beautiful way, rather than calling it wrong, that the child would gladly like to do the work again.

According to Competency-Based Education, which is gaining huge popularity in the United States today and about fifty percent of US schools have adopted it, every child is intelligent. There are qualified teachers or systems. The only difference is that some children take less time to understand anything and some more. It is the school’s duty to give the child time to think and understand it. Give the child two hours to remember and understand the lesson in two hours, give four hours to the one who takes four.

 It is the responsibility of the school and the teacher to spend six hours on those who need six hours. If the elementary classes teachers adopt this behavior, then the children will grow up. The schoolchildren dismissed him as unworthy and after that he never went to school, but he proved every thought he had against him wrong. That schoolgirl is considered to be the smartest person in the world today.

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