How to Train Children in the Light of Islamic Teachings!

How to Train Children in the Light of Islamic Teachings!

In Islam, great importance is given to the training and care of children.

Her home environment, madrassa and society are most influenced by the lives of the children. Mother lap is the first child of the child, so they need to be more careful in the training of the children. As well as admonishing and refining them. Although it may be considered a punishment to some extent, it does not involve abusive behavior or cruelty to children. Training children is like gardening.

As a gardener first softens the soil, then waters the plants, adds fertilizer and protects them from harmful insects and herbs. When the plant grows, sometimes some branches of the Mali will need to be cut so that the plant can grow. Keep moving in the right direction.

Just as a financials uses a variety of methods, so that her plants are healthy and well-fed, parents should use different ways to raise their children well. As such, sometimes parents have to reform their children.

That is, when parents see that their children are misbehaving or behaving badly, they should immediately correct them so that the children continue on the right path. Be careful! Just as the plants have to be careful, Likewise, parents should be very careful and loving when reforming their children.

First and foremost, children’s training should be based on true Islamic beliefs.

That is, a complete understanding of the meaning and meaning of the belief Tawheed (There is no god but God, and Muhammad is the messenger of God). This is the most important stage of training and it is the basis.

All forms of belief monotheism, namely, the Almighty God and the only Lord of the universe, He has all the powers, He gives sustenance, He gives life and He kills.

His command and will is in the world and in the heavens). Will not share.

They will not be prostrated to anyone except Allah. All worships will be performed for this one and only one united partner), Tawheed Asma’a and attributes (i.e., good names of Allah, which are mentioned in the Qur’an and Hadith), so Allah should be called by these names and Avoid misinterpretation in these names).

In addition, it is important to shed some light on the identity of the shirk and how to avoid it. At the same time, while training children, the importance of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) should also be clarified.

Another important factor in training children is their training on worship. For example, the importance of establishing a prayer place, the right way to read it, as well as the importance of fasting and other prayers in our lives and the right way to perform them.

 This step is also very important and therefore parents should encourage and command their children to perform these acts of worship and strictly refrain from paying them, as there is no room for deficiency. The Hadith of Allah’s Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

Command the children to pray when they are seven years old, and when they are ten years old, they should be punished for not praying (Hadith).

The last and third thing to do in this regard is to teach children morality and make them a good human being, a respected citizen and a devout Muslim. It is essential that they be trained to avoid abuses, lying, habits, stealing, stealing and cheating. At the same time it is to instill fear in the hearts of your children about these moral evils and sins. In addition, the rights of neighbors and relatives, the eating and drinking practices, and the fear and fear of Allah have to be created in their hearts.

Incomplete shortcomings In the training of children

To dominate Love over Teaching

That is, it is wrong for children not to be punished for their love because of love, because the Prophet took the palm of charity out of Hazrat Hasan’s mouth because of the charity on the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and his family. Not lawful. Therefore, good training requires that love does not dominate training.

Parents do not act fairly and equitably in their children. However, justice should be done here and all children should be treated with equal love and justice. Instead of consolidating religious education and faith, they prefer worldly education, while religious education needs to be paid close attention to.

Abusing children and insulting them, even though the Prophet of Allah strictly forbids them to commit evil deeds in front of their children. If mother is watching movies and plays, back biting , a father’s smoking cigarette and lying, etc. are all such crimes that the child sees in the morning in the community. The training should be done with the aforementioned caution, and seek the guidance of Allah always.

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