Health and education together

Health and education together

In order to be a good student you also need good health. A healthy body can never be nourished in a sick body. In these days, the opportunities for children are very less available. Children go to school in the morning. Nowadays, schools are also built in small residential buildings. In these, the children get very few opportunities for recreation. Some schools that have grounds and swings for children to play, usually do not allow children to swing or swing. School management risks that children do not break the swings. Give back. After returning from school, the children come to eat and have lunch at their academy or come home tutor who teaches them. After the break, usually the children come to teach the children. After meals, the children get busy doing school and tuition homework. And they go to bed at night. In the morning they are barely picked up at school time.

As if today’s children have become slaves of time. They move on in time. They have become freely sluggish. Basically, children need to be comfortable with their own activities and time to keep themselves happy and refreshed. The table should be chosen. But private schools and academies have distorted the identity of children in order to make their business shine. The race of numbers and grades has made them all better. The only thing left in their mind is that you will only get success when you scrap those books and take good marks in the exam. These things are so bad in the minds of the children that nowadays the number of addicts is increasing rapidly due to the failure of the exam. The atmosphere of competition with each other has become so overwhelming that students Books and notes do not share with their classmates so that they do not take the higher number.

If it is said that only wealthy people can earn wealth or those who have higher degrees, then this has been proved wrong. If you look at the list of the richest people in the world, they do not have a PhD. People who have never even seen the mouth of the school. Never read a teaching dog. They are the richest and richest people in the world. There are hundreds of PhD doctors working with these fingerprints and fingerprints. Money is never dependent on your grades and numbers. Degrees are not a guarantee that you will get a great job.

Children are not trained in making money in schools. Only in schools do they make the most money by using their children and their parents’ helplessness. If you really want to be successful, increase your earning potential. Learn how we can make the most of our hard work. Should. If you get this experience and expertise from the experts in this field, be sure to connect with successful people in the field you want to visit.

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