Feminism and the current mixed system of education in Islam

Feminism and the current mixed system of education in Islam

The importance of knowledge in Islam

Undoubtedly knowledge is the best source of well-being for the sake of fame and wisdom, the key to distinguishing human beings from countless creatures, and the important reason for the four moons in the supernatural and natural superiority granted by the Lord; The purpose is that access to humankind is made possible through knowledge; wealth of knowledge has given manners to the singular valleys, rocky plains and lands, extracting immense deposits of minerals from the oceans and layers of the earth. And by researching the heights and heights of the sky, the new flags wrap up as a result of research development; All mhyralaqul things that can happen in the ER that favor the knowledge of the immeasurable.

This is why Islam, from the very first day of its appearance, awakened the greatness of knowledge in the darkness of ignorance through the alkali of the divine command of the Prophet (peace and blessings of  Allah  be upon him), and repeatedly in the Holy Qur’an. He repeatedly increased the value of the distinction between the causes of the universe and the encouragement of knowledge seeking place; therefore the mention of knowledge in the Quran has been mentioned hundreds of times and the words derived from knowledge, as well as the intellect. The word “albab” (plural form) is mentioned sixteen times and the words derived from “intellect” are mentioned in eighteen places and the words “jurisprudence” occur 21 times. Yes, the word “wisdom” is mentioned about twenty times and “Brahman” is mentioned seven times.

 It is a great repository of the Hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him), the most authoritative, credible and reliable in Islam after the Qur’an, which the Umayyad al-Baqal’s followers have been able to combine in their pledge with the most precise, visionary and liver cavalry. Unforgettable achievements, when we study this magnificent reservoir, we see step by step in propagating the virtues of prophetic language, the virtues of the holder of knowledge, and the propagation of its acquisition; consequently, the Hadiths related to knowledge are mentioned in separate chapters in all the Hadiths.

Adult Pattern by Kharwar

Consequently, there are twenty-six compiled Hadiths (by compiling Makrarat) and twenty-two companions, according to Imam al-Bukhaari, in the chapters under the title of “Book of Knowledge” after the revelation and belief. The other books of the Saha’at and the “Mauta Malik” also have a separate and permanent chapter of knowledge. Al-Zawade “I have spread the hadeeth on the subject of knowledge in twenty pages, the Hadiths related to knowledge in forty rulers are in forty pages. The famous critic of the tradition and fourteen glorious traditions of knowledge in Abu Hafiz mnzry the “Targheeb ualtrhyb” One hundred and fifty traditions and the knowledge of Allama Mohammad bin Suleman  of “collection alfuayd”.

The importance of educating women in Islam

It is also a fact that it is important for the women of this nation to enlighten any nation as a whole, to extinguish civilization and to beautify it with its inferiority; The role of the mothers and their mothers in the upliftments of the children and the upbringing of the children is the role of the mother; therefore it has been said that the birth of the mother is the first madrassa of the baby; All the paths to education have given them the freedom not only to acquire all kinds of useful knowledge; but to encourage them, as well. As a result, from one of the earliest to the present day, more than one Kaj-kala-a-khafan-i-waafan was born, and at that time, their knowledge of the asylum-seekers continued to be rejected and abandoned. In addition to granting all civil, civil and civil rights advocacy rights as well as education, they should be given full rights, regardless of their gender; Stay tuned for the role of obedient daughter, loyal wife and loving compassionate sister as well as sharing your knowledge in the world. The drummer sounded and with his tail settled a number of Khurmans


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