Female education

Female education

Today, without the need of any proof, no development of knowledge is possible. Countries in the world with a higher literacy ratio are more developed than others. Countries with lower literacy ratios are considered to be backward than others. The literacy ratio is considered to include not only men but also women. In our country, women get less education than men.

There are several reasons for this. One reason may be that some people in our country are against the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeducating women at this time. They say that women were created just for the sake of home and that basic things are needed for home education. Can’t take advantage of this. The third reason may be that educating women is impaired.

It is a fact that despite limited resources, steps are being taken in our country to make girls as well as girls adorable. So girls get all kinds of education no matter how small their numbers are compared to boys. Feminism is a problem that requires no realistic approach. Without a woman, human life cannot be fulfilled.

Men and women are two wheels of a car. If one of the two wheels is inactive, the vehicle cannot reach the destination. It is possible to do so by the combination of the two. If a woman gains knowledge by staying within her jurisdiction, there are consequences.

A conscious woman can bring about a home and a few conscious women a family and many conscious women can bring about a revolutionary change in the moral state of the country. The education and training of future generations is, in fact, an obligation that only women can perform well.

The scope of a woman is different from that of a man. The knowledge of a man facilitates the difficult stages of every life, and the knowledge and practice of a woman prepares him for this great responsibility. Educating a woman does not mean that a woman should work in offices like a man, run a machine and work in banks and then demand extraordinary rights over men on an unnatural basis.

Some Western scholars have viewed this development of women with skepticism. They say that with the knowledge of this unnatural way of the family, the family system has collapsed, leaving the future of future generations at risk. Its true and original purpose is to assist men and train their children.

In light of the facts stated above, we have to look at what are the sciences that can be useful to a woman. First of all, it is important for a woman to be fully aware of her country and religion. All of this can be arranged in school education. During this education, he should be given the opportunity to become fully aware of his responsibilities so that if he does not get the opportunity to get more education then the school education can be his guide.

Nursing and medical profession can be very useful to them for higher education. The kind of compassion and love needed for this profession is naturally found in the woman. The treatment of women especially for women. Caste can prove to be much better. For this profession, teaching and training of women is necessary to ensure that even women belong to women and men to men.

Women’s jurisdiction is limited to women and men should not be men, ie women should work in men’s hospitals, and men should be in women’s hospitals. It is useful for both sexes to keep them away from free association.

Following this profession, the teaching profession is very relevant to the nature of women. This includes teaching both school and college. For this purpose, a separate institution is also needed for women’s training. The advantage of doing this is that before training the children of the nation, they will develop the qualities that are proud of all the nation.

Every nation promotes feminism in view of its domestic and cultural needs. In our country, educated females should not mean that we have the idea of being a nation, to back up the motives of others. Declare and gradually dissolve your individuality. Having a degree in knowledge does not serve the purpose of educating a woman. If any knowledge does not lead to the stability of the female role, instead of benefiting from it. The upside will be the loss. Before acquiring knowledge it is necessary to preserve its inferiority.

Nowadays there are two groups of people who think on this topic. There are those who think in the Western way and educate women in the same way that is included in the West today.

Others are people who want to benefit from Western knowledge about art and art, but are not ready to sacrifice their engagement on these sciences. There are many obstacles in the way of achieving a goal. Like other issues, moderation and rationality must be adopted for this important national issue.

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