Female education Facts

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Female education Facts

Human society is made up of both men, they both have their own important role in the development and development of society, in which the role of one gender is lost or reduced due to gender discrimination. Either get cold or suffer from slow behavior. Unfortunately in our Muslim society, the social role of women has been neglected in both religious and secular developments, which has led to the development of this society at both the religious and world levels.

One of the main reasons for the lack of religious awareness in the new generation is the lack of religious awareness among Muslim women. Under the shadow of a nation whose ignorant mothers are ignorant, the dream of growing a well-educated and decent race is just a dream. What is even more important is that our intellectuals, on the basis of this mere dream, create a model of Muslim orientation or Muslim society, and develop a culture and culture and hope for its success. How false are the expectations of educational and cultural development in a society in which the rate of women’s education is extremely disappointing.

But by the grace of Allah this nation is awakening now. Over the past two decades, intellectuals have not only begun to think about feminism and women’s awareness, but are also taking practical steps. Female madrassas and girls colleges are being established and a series of feminine madrassas and colleges has been established.

But their numbers are still small; they can be counted on the fingers, while we do not find much difference in the birth rates of male and female offspring. On the one hand, there is a shortage of feminine educational institutions and on the other hand the feminine madrassas or colleges that have been established are indifferent and inflexible. The educational structure of most of these educational institutions requires a lot of improvement and attention. The results of these madrassas are disappointing.

The performance of female students against male students is not equal in the field. Whether they are the foundations of writing, writing, journalism, teaching, inviting, preaching, reform society, employment, national service or service, or the field of nurturing and nurturing the true needs of the Reformation and genocide, everywhere Proper representation is missing. Is it because Muslim girls have less ability than other girls or Muslim students?

Is it because of their disgrace, or because of the inappropriate treatment of Muslim students that is being demonstrated in feminine madrassas or women’s colleges? The first reason is unacceptable, because intelligence and fitness There is no difference in masculine gender, medical and psychological reports refute this notion, as well as public schools, colleges and universities, most of which are based on a mixed education system. The result of the student student’s dominant order is either co-dependent or close. These schools, colleges and universities  students of product, there are no less than any of the students.

The second reason is that the stereotype of Muslim female students in our education system is hindering the success of educational institutions. So after an analytical study, a researcher and analyst agree on the same reason and we cannot blame any particular institution for this stereotype towards the students, but the real responsibility is our mentality. The role of women development and development in society is undeniable.

Seeing their role as unnecessary is the cause of all the failures. Because of this, we are unable to even set a standard for the education of the students. The condition of most of our nation’s patriarchs is that they find it unnecessary to teach the students, especially to the highest grades. ۔ Later, higher education, graduation, post graduation, diploma, doctorate, etc. are considered a sin. The goal of educating their girls here is not high, even for those who adapt to teaching excellence.

Even in the non-mixed educational system, they consider sending their children to higher education – whether they are religious or modern – even because of their family and friends and the customs of the participants. Why not become one of their descendants, be deprived of the right instructions from the educated mothers and fall prey to misconduct, why the children born of these mothers do not suffer from illiteracy and advanced education. Why not risk their security due to lack of access, medical education even if their women don’t get it. Non-Muslim men do not care why they have to go through anesthesia in front of doctors.

But this does not mean that the trend of girls’ education is diminishing within Muslims, but by the grace of Allah it is increasing equally day by day. We are still undergoing an experimental phase. We have not yet been able to formulate a concrete plan for this.

Because there are significant shortcomings in the scientific developments, mentorship, educational practices, educational institutions, classrooms, hostels, selection of places, use of technical equipment and educational structures in the arts and teaching. As such, there is a need for two-dimensional missions to educate women.

On the one hand, there is a need for a mass movement to bring about fundamental reforms in the feminine madrassas and colleges on the other, to raise awareness for the education of Muslim girls. Establishment of the education of the children is important, for this we have to provide the field for them, and at the same time the accuracy of their installation can be determined. There is a need to bring about a variety of fundamental changes in the curriculum and feminine education of feminine madrassas, and to offer reform recommendations.

Female Education Issues:

No single Muslim can deny the need and importance of females for education; for a long time our nation has kept this topic in the cold box; Stay ashore. At first, females were considered unnecessary and were kept away from education for a long time, while the doors of education for boys were left open.

However, the study of the Qur’an and the Sunnah does not explain this distinction in education. In the centuries that followed, when women were forced into the situation and the need to educate them in some intellectual capacity, many problems arose. That is why on the one hand, the problem of improvement of education has been raised along with the decline in the rate of education for Muslim women. So while more than 50% of Muslim women are illiterate on the one hand, the results of girls who have been educated in their education are not satisfactory. The reason why most people simply dismiss students as lacking in cheapness and education, however, can be a very poor analysis of the problem.

There are actually many problems in the path to good education and satisfactory results. Understanding these issues, reaching the bottom of every problem, then finding the right solution to get rid of it, is essential. Here we want to briefly address issues of femininity, especially in religious education institutions, but our aim is not to disappoint the caravan of feminists by creating a list of problems, but to understand and address these issues.

 These girls are the backbone of the nation, the future of our coming generations. If we do not try to understand and resolve these issues seriously, we will not only be guilty of ruining the future of these girls but also the future. We will also be blamed for the future darkness of the generations.

The main issues of education for women are as follows:

1. Lack of purpose:

Lack of purpose is the root of failure, not only that, but the purpose is not clear enough to lead to disaster and failure. Our aim is not clear for educated females, especially for girls studying in religious seminaries. What the goals are, it has not been clearly determined, and those who have determined them are extremely limited. What role do you want a scholar, a girl, to shape a human society to build? The answer is mostly:

 The pack of a woman who is an expert in the affairs of the family, who has the burden of religious education, can train her children properly, but is a submissive wife who in every case obeys her husband’s obedience. These goals are very limited. And, on the other hand, the implication is that the cause of the “new generation training” can be met with the limited materials and books that are in the curriculum of existing feminine madrassas?

Is there any Islam-based curriculum education? “Psychology” is not just a training for racism, but a material for making a real sense of living a family life, is this content entered into a curriculum? .For training Other essential aspects are left unchecked. Another aspect of this aim is to build a female pedagogical “religious education.”

The degree to which we teach theology, theology, the Hadith, the hadeeth, the jurisprudence, theology, and the commentary, etc. in the name of theology. We have a long list of curriculum studies here, but how these materials are taught is a very poor procedure, attending “hijab” in the name of religious training for girls, as well as teachers and students.

The honor of the devotees is emphasized only on the virtue of being a Muslim woman, in every situation, practicing Islamic rituals, avoiding moral evil such as lying, promising the Caliphate, etc., creating a spirit of responsibility. Attempts to do it either consciously or are rare. And, embroidery, weaving is not limited to this topic. We are not introduced to new discoveries about affairs.

That is, the current limiting goal is also to be flawed; the second is related to the purpose being so limited. Cannot men or women, in the same way, participate in the construction of society as men do? Can a Student Become a Claimant? Can’t a Student Become a Claimant? Can a Male Job?

Can’t work in many matters related to women, such as lady doctor, nurse, police, military etc. Can’t serve in police and military department especially in Islamic country especially if it is an Islamic country? Can’t a woman become a lecturer, professor, and researcher in women’s organizations? Is it wrong for them to advance in the social sciences, engage in NGOs activities for the betterment of women and children, and not women in the field of science and technology? Can women not trade, if they cannot do management course? Etc!

If they can do all this work in a non-mixed environment and they are also necessary for the well-being of human beings, why is it that the amendment is not done keeping in mind these things for the purpose of education?

2. The problem of educational syllabus

The seminary of the Islamic seminary requires a total revision. From purely religious point of view, even for pure Islamic sciences, the curriculum of teaching is lacking. The curriculum suffers from clutter, there is more focus on the things to be done, from a practical point of view they are not prepared but selected.

Keeping in mind the quality of the curriculum and the psychology of the students and their standards, the teams of experts form the teaching team, which has seen a lot of complications due to the curriculum that the book found. This brief commentary was related to the general curriculum of seminary Islamic schools, when considering the current state of curriculum in relation to girls, it is found that curriculum education in religious schools was created with pure men in mind. had gone. Plus the more we go back and forth, the more their education boundaries become narrower and narrower.

Therefore, we can easily conclude that the existing curriculum education is poor as well, so new topics need to be introduced. The social sciences should have a special inclusive curriculum. But more importantly, what do most people do when it comes to reforming curriculum?

We have a tendency to open madrassas and schools, but curriculum development committees as well as research and research academies are often lacking. There is a dire need to open academies for research and create a team of experts. Our religious leaders should also pay attention to this anonymous site.

3. The Remiss Of Education:

Lack of good education in feminine madrassas and one of the major causes of the deterioration of Ralt is the remiss of education. “Education” or “teaching” is an art; there is a difference between being an educator and being a successful madrassa. ۔ In fact, most educators do not know how to teach different subjects. What is the difference between theoretical teaching, therapeutic teaching and applied teaching, what method is useful when teaching, the knowledge of educational psychology is zero, etc.

While modern techniques have not only been studied in modern times, there has been research on teaching Islamic sciences such as Tafseer, Hadith, Principle Interpretation, Principle Hadith, Jurisprudence, Principles of Jurisprudence, History and Rules, etc. The wise method of teaching every art has been discovered. Has been explored and the most effective methods are underway.

 The art of teaching is very important, so the government B.Ed and M.Ed then do a doctoral course on this subject. If we succeed in creating a research institute or research center, or academic council, in the light of current research, a course based on interdisciplinary training, teacher training, lesson planning, understanding of student psychology, etc. , Or develop a curriculum that will be of benefit to them.

4. Result Error Issue:

The current feminine madrassas are particularly disappointing to hear about the results of students studying in madrassas in northern India and Nepal, the main reason being that we think that the hard work of reading and up skilling students. Should,  however, “children / girls do not read by themselves but with the help of sensitive and responsible administration, competent teachers, the result of children being educated in the madrassas is correct but why the results of the girls are not correct.

Finally, in the colleges and public schools, the results of girls’ education in the same curriculum are often influenced by or sometimes influenced by children. How’s that happen, are the students there producing any other soil ?! In fact, our curriculum, teaching methodology is bad and these girls are being ruined because of these defects.

5. The problem of free system education:

The mixed system contradicts the fundamentals of education; to some extent, this system may be valid at primary level, but in the next stages of training, from a Islamic point of view, mixed system education is not correct, so there should be separate seminary for the students.

Some people cite some of the benefits of mixed education, but the disadvantages of this system outweigh the benefits. Often, male weight gain comes down to boldness, but it also results in catastrophic bad consequences. It has also proved to be very ineffective, but it has also increased its sensitivity, as the newspaper reports suggest. This has led to the huge problem of time killing, which has led to mixed results. In the system of education, the results of the students are beginning to deteriorate.

6. The problem of lack of education:

It has already been said that Muslims have been reduced to awareness of females here, lack of proper infrastructure, education of parents and guardians is limited to the concept of femininity and education is limited. There are real reasons for the decline. To overcome this, Muslim leaders, especially speakers, imams need to pay attention, seminars and conferences on this topic.

New Muslim organizations have to set up village villages, conduct awareness camps and education awareness workshops, etc. It is also important to provide for the education of the children in the madrassas, as well as the management of government and other government functions.

These are some of the most important and important issues related to femininity that have been presented with a slight dissolution, in order to understand these problems and to cope with the crisis that arises, the leaders of the nation, especially with the latest developments in education. There is a dire need for specialist education help. We have also said in the past that some suggestions and recommendations for improving and improving women’s education will be presented in the next issue.

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