Female education Advantages and Disadvantages

women education advantages

Female education Advantages and Disadvantages

Elderly people have a lot of misconceptions about women’s education and they think that education should only be given to boys. Education, for employment, for religion, for this field, only men should come. Women are born for the kitchen and their life begins from the kitchen and ends at the kitchen. These things are never true, women are human too, the light of knowledge teaches a man to live. Knowledge is the ocean that is never seen and man is always searching for it at every moment. Therefore, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

‘’It is obligatory on every Muslim to acquire knowledge.’’

It is important to know that men and women are two wheels of the vehicle of life. Opposition to women’s education may also be the reason that today’s generation is adopting more fashion than education, after getting a few education, most of the girls remain admirers of fashion, obviously. Cinemas and TV serials have eroded women’s sense of responsibility.

It cannot be denied that the destiny of the breed is due to the woman and the nation is reformed and it is very important for the women to be educated in order to reach their end. Based on the training. The nature of a woman is superior to that of a man. If a woman is ignorant, then the entire generation will be uneducated and will have no respect in society. On seeing these things, Akbar Allahabad has said:

‘’ Education is a must for girls, The girl who is illiterate is unconscious’’

Under the education plan of women, the evils that are found in the nation’s children and children today can all be eliminated. Religious education should be given priority in the education of women so that women are familiar with religious and moral principles. Then teach the language If you learn to read your language, good language will be spoken in every household and the environment of the house will become a haven of peace and tranquility. Religious education and language education as well as knowledge of accounting are necessary for the woman. This will promote proficiency within them. The habit of avoiding wasteful spending will arise. There should also be education for matters related to sewing, embroidery, embroidery, dishes and childcare, etc.

 Most of the work that needs to be done at the shops will be done at home. It is also important to educate girls about medicine and hygiene. So that it promotes maintaining one’s health, avoiding diseases and developing illness. Many people say that what women mean by education and civilization?? They do not think that the woman whom they wish to abstain from studying has given birth to eminent scholars and philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle and Socrates.Women were abused in all the countries of the world, but Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave the woman the right to live her life properly and protected her honor.

Lady Doctor or educator profession is also suitable for girls, but all girls can achieve this. Therefore, take advantage of the above mentioned teachings and play an important role in restoring the dignity of society and society.

A philosopher says:

“Most of your evils are due to lack of education.” I get worried about this. “

That is why it is said that the best and educated mothers give birth to the best and the educated children who later become the dominant entity for the nation and the nation. A woman who is educated works hard to train her child. In fact, the human character is made, extracted, and adorned in the heart of the mother.Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani was the mother of the greatest scholar of Islam, the mother of Baghdadi, whose superior education impacted the robbers in their childhood. And this is the result of the training that Imam Ahmad Raza Barelvi’s mother received in this century that you are seen with respect throughout the world.

Alongside these benefits of education, there are many disadvantages. The misuse of education is actually misleading women. Nowadays, in modern times, women have got educated and fashioned themselves. Looking at the women of today, one has to wonder if this is the woman who was born of the prophets from the womb. And who was addressed as a shameful figure.

What a difference there is between women of today and women of the past. Today’s misuse of education has pushed girls to the extent that they are polluting the clean and clean air of the East. Or the depths of darkness.

By the way, it is a fact that the benefits of feminism are far less of a disadvantage. Therefore, it is important to consider them and Muslim women should understand well that non-Islamic societies have made women less vulnerable by not giving them a proper place. And, on the other hand, equality for men and women Leaving the lingerie of a woman has created the temptation of “feminism.”

 No true Muslim can ever give the suggestion to tear down the dress and make a flag. The women came out of this cycle of temptation of the people of the West and acknowledged that Allah and His Messenger bestowed upon women the rights of importance, honor, honor and dignity. But not male equality, The woman should make herself an Eastern woman and bring a revolution in the status of the family, whether it be her father, brother, husband or son, daughters, etc., if she is following the wrong path. This will be possible only with worldly education as well as religious education.

Today the importance of educated females has increased because the children of educated mothers are high minded and educated, but on the contrary, children of ignorant mothers are mind-boggling. Therefore, there is a dire need for education in the modern age. Education can make a woman successful.

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