Education system in Australia

Education system in Australia

The education system in Australia is divided into six areas

  1. Elementary School,
  2. Primary School,
  3. High School,
  4. Colleges,
  5. Universities
  6. and  Language Courses,

Which are provided exclusively for foreign students.

Pre-school education begins at age 3, children begin to attend classes, aimed at developing creativity. It should be noted, that this phase of training is optional and parents decide: whether to give the kids in preschool or prepare them for school themselves.

School Education

Australia go to school for 12 years. In elementary school children go to age 5 years, and later 6-7 go to high school, where they spend 6-7 years. Graduate Get a State Certificate. All public and private schools are run by the State Department of Education.

Most foreign students have come to study it in the past 2 years of high school, allowing the successful completion of the program as you immediately enroll in undergraduate programs. All private schools were divided into girls’ schools, boys and mixed, and state – just for mixed. International students can begin their studies in any semester, except in graduation class, where a set of recommended in February. Tuition at school is around 6 000-30 000 Australian dollars on an annual basis.

English course

There is a large class of training for foreign students. In Australia, there are a number of private language centers, universities and colleges as well as specialized language departments. Tuition is 12000 – 19000 Australian Dollars. The intensity of training varies from 15-30 hours per week, and the duration of the course can be from 2 to 52 weeks.

Professional education

Learn in various professions in private and public colleges in Australia. These institutions are studying information technology, business, scholarly work, construction, hotel management, etc. To get a Bachelor’s Degree, graduate college you must transfer to a university (with more than 1 or 2 years of college) and a two year or so prouchitsya (translator).

Australian universities are a particularly popular feature, linked to the economy and business. Over half of foreign students prefer them. Preparatory departments work in many universities, to help foreign applicants successfully continue their studies at universities in Australia.

Such is a feature of the Preparatory Departments that all universities take out the booking of seats in their audience’s first year. The cost of training in higher education institutions in Australia is about 15000 – 36000 Australian dollars a year. The basic prerequisite for entering higher education in this country is in fluent English.

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