Education: Female needs and procedures

Education: Female needs and procedures

Like the “feminists” and “feminists” born out of the West, the cheerful slogans of “feminism” have also made considerable progress in recent years, and in recent years, education in various parts of the subcontinent, especially India. As a result of this happy slogan “femininity,” masculine feminism has been widespread and the number of females is increasing day by day.

Education, or feminism, is, of course, not essential; but Islam has assumed it. This is the distinguishing feature of religion. It has placed greater emphasis on the pursuit of knowledge than all other religions and religions.

Allah has revealed the first revelation to His Beloved and the last Prophet, in which he taught to read through ‘Iqara’, and in view of the importance of this teaching, Ummayyah al-‘Arabi (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

The total Muslim (unanimously) declared that every Muslim should receive the duty of education.

A well-known figure in the history and law of the world knows that the United Nations, the world’s greatest power, has declared human rights as a “fundamental right” to seek knowledge in its manifesto; while Islam has declared it a duty to seek knowledge. There is no compulsion on the part of those who do not take rights; on the contrary, the person deserves punishment if the duty is not paid.

It is an unquestionable fact that the emphasis of religion in relation to knowledge is the same for men and women. It is permissible to believe that a religion which has taught the humanity to the uttermost, the oppressive humanity in the heart of humanity. Cadres Dias, the most inferior and dehumanized gender-critical society, gave a prestigious place in society and society.

Regardless of half the population of religion and society how could he deprive a woman of such a great blessing as education? The Holy Prophet (upon whom be peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “seek the knowledge of the Muslim and the Muslim,” No one knows.

It is as if only men have the right to receive knowledge and women are deprived of this right, so only the nobles and nobles will keep the knowledge of their families and thirst for the knowledge of the poor; rather, Islam declares that every person should attain his status and status. It is obligatory for Muslim Muslims to get the word they want.

One thing that I understand in this detail is that it is permissible for Muslim men and women to seek knowledge, and to seek the knowledge of men, this is proven by the traditions of the most widely known traditions and contradictions; but what is the way women seek knowledge? Here is a discussion of the subject under consideration for the curriculum, and how many educators and people they should get knowledge from.

In the present period, female gynecologists have established a large number of masculine females, and most of these madrassas are formal institutions, where the establishment of female students is a complete discipline, and their responsibilities are usually absent, and most are non-males; But one thing that is very important in both madrassas is that the responsibilities of the two institutions are hired, which in itself is a moment of thought.

It is well known that what was the position of women before Islam was actually initiated before the actual discourse, and that other religions and religions were associated with women, and other religions and religions related to education and education were the viewpoint and knowledge of Islam.

The position of a woman before Islam

  Throughout the history of civilization no matter how ignorant it may be, it is clear as a matter of days and a half that the woman’s existence was humiliating and sinful in the world.

Woman in Buddhism

  Like indecipherable habits like water intestines, the nature of a woman is similar; she has numerous tactics like thieves and does not pass along truth.

(Encyclopedia of Religion and Religion – 1, Status of Women in Restoration Islam and its Achievements: 1)

In Hinduism, marriage is very important in Brahmanism, not everyone should marry; If any other masculine relationship with or against the woman has come to bear her tongue, if the marriage contract is performed, she will lose Paradise, in which case her husband is unfaithful. Can’t be free, she can’t have turkey, on her husband’s death The eldest son has to live, the husband can beat his wife with a stick. (Izza) But according to the Vedas, women were not allowed to teach the Vedas. ”

Woman in china

  Mr Strayeg writes about the status of a woman in China:

In East China, the situation was not much different, the ritual of beating little girls’ feet was presumably to keep them helpless and delicate, although this practice was practiced in high and modesty; (Universal History of the World: 9/1, Ibid.)

Woman in England (Europe)

  In England she was deprived of all kinds of civil rights, locked in the gates of education, could do no other than just wage labor, and was deprived of all her property at the time of marriage. For centuries, a woman was made to exist, with no hope of improvement.

Woman in Indian society

 In Burmese times and civilization, the woman did not have the status she was in at that time. In her law Dr. Le Ban said  

‘’Women have always been regarded as weak and humiliated, and this story has always come with humiliation. ‘The fate of the bridegroom and the humiliation is not good enough, after becoming a widow he goes on to be the servant of his deceased husband’s housewife and other wives; most of them marry their husbands. It is known that this ritual was common in India; as Greek historians have mentioned it. ” (Civilization: 238)

Woman in the shadow of Islam

Referring to the changes that have taken place in the state of women since the advent of Islam, Maulana As-Said al-Ma’uda’idah has drawn a great deal of speculation. But also, mentally, Islam produces a great revolution.

Islam has transformed women and men. The honor and privilege of women is what has created Islam in the human mind. Today, women’s rights, education and feminism are clashing with the same slogan on the slogan; it is the same revolutionary, revolutionary.

The one who raised the tongue of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), and who changed the course of the human being,

He is the Prophet (peace be upon him) who proved that the woman is a human being just as human. ” (Curtain: 189)

Similarly, the importance of women’s success and its importance in Islam is also mentioned in the Hadith in which

The Holy Prophet (pbuh) gave a double reward for the man who taught his manners, then freed him and married him. (Bukhari: 20)

It is worth noticing that the one, who teaches the dual reward of teaching one-on-one education, will be honored in the religion of his daughter and sister-in-law.

The status of women in other religions and religion and Islam gave women honor and dignity, after their comparative study, we also look at what is the significance of knowledge in Islam and what is taught about education in other religions.

Knowledge in shadow of Islam

Islam has fully demonstrated the value of knowledge and its value. It has promoted education, not just one of the many needs of the dead and the dead;

There is no religion and ideology other than Islam, which makes education a basic necessity for all human beings, even Greece and the Chinese, who are of extraordinary reputation because of their intellectual development, were not convinced.

It is Islam that propagated the teachings of ordinary citizens and also allowed the pursuit of modern science with religious education. (Islam and Knowledge: 3)

Knowledge and other religions

Knowledge in religions other than Islam depended only on a limited religious class,

The rituals of “Hinduism” for the Shudras were punishable by the “Vedas”, and for those who used to have hot lead in their ears. The scholars were so tight-minded that they could not tolerate anything new, because of their inadequate ideology, many thinkers of religion and many of the ruling magicians were compromised, which resulted in their mental evolution being stopped altogether.(Islam and Knowledge: 3)

When the Muslim government was established in Spain and the madrassas were established in the country, the Tharpi students went on to study. The light of wisdom and wisdom spread.

Self-styled historians and thinkers are credited. Robert, Brief halt and Doctor Mussolibani wrote the confession very carefully.(Islam and Knowledge: 1)

Above all, it has become clear as daylight that women have no status in other religions and religions. Was considered to be the inferior creature of society and society, for men its status was nothing more than a mere toy and a seductive object. Was

Likewise, knowledge in other religions and religions was specific to a particular class of women. The knowledge of women is very far-reaching, and for the self-taught the masses were a shameful subject.

It is the blessing of Islam that, on one hand, it honors the degenerate and oppressed creatures of the society, on the other hand, Islam, while declaring the importance of knowledge, has rightly declared that it is the duty of every Muslim to seek knowledge.

Read and notice that there is no religion other than Islam on earth that has given clear and equitable rights to half the population of the society, as well as the rights of both genders of society in terms of knowledge acquisition. Read your world history. If you study the religions closely, you will know that no religion other than Islam has given equal rights to women.

The so-called feminists of feminism and rights have adorned the markets and playgrounds in the name of giving women freedoms and rights. They are well aware of how women are being exploited under the guise of liberty and feminism. The feudal system of the feminine and the feminine has destroyed the West and many of the Wests are on the verge of extinction.

 At a time and in an environment in which half the population of society is unfamiliar with their own position and the position that Islam has given them, they need to move to their position, to recognize their status and  could see.

And this is possible only when a woman is educated and aware of her rights and for that orientation she needs to equip her with education. And this responsibility is given to men by Islam, which is a powerful author against women. What is the method of education?

Girls’ Education and Procedures:

There is no denying that girls’ education is important; but what is the method of education?  Whether it is to adopt the same methodology that is applicable to the education of  boys or to look for better ways by taking into consideration the conflicting methods.

In this series, when looking at the past, looking at feminine women, guidance from one of the events of the prophecy requires that the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) set a separate day for the education of women. It is also worth mentioning here that just as the menus of women are mentioned in the Prophet’s Mosque for men, such women or women of any particular place do not appear in the Prophet.

In Khair-ul-Qur’an, women used to learn religion from their mahrams and husbands, which is why in the time of the Caliph Rashidah after the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), there are numerous instances of recitation, jurisprudence, literature and poetry, but not formally. There is no mention of women’s travels to far-flung history in the book of history (at least not in the eyes of Al-Astor).

While it is as if women were not born in this period; rather, in every age and in every era, prominent women were created who, by their knowledge, fascinated the humanity of the world; Until the Mughal government, no madrassa formally existed for the education of girls in history. This does not mean that girls’ education is not necessary.

Hakim-ul-Amat Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanhvi (may Allah have mercy on him), and the madrassas that he devised, and the way he worked, would be the leading cause for feminine administrators. The following is written:

“I also set up a girls ‘room in the police station, the girls gather in the teacher’s house (that’s the home girls’ madrassa) and I serve them; but I’ve been careful so far that I don’t encourage sending a girl. Granted, it is the same as saying that all is well for you.

So the girls sometimes come home to take the exam and my family, wives or any family member of my family takes them and the girls are not called; No influence on these activities. The numbers give the test; I recommend these numbers in general. Praise is to Allah. And nothing has ever been wrong.

But nowadays, this habit is very difficult. Or gather somewhere else so it is better not to be outdated with the men and supervise their duties, not even talk to them. Secondly, the Secretary (the Moderator) needs to become conscientious, even if he is a freelancer; but he must become a Maulvi; in order to impress upon the educator.

In my view, these are the principles of feminism, to work forward and from my own experience; some do not necessarily follow my ideas.(Reform rights and rights: 1-5)

Authority of thought

Hakim-ul-Amat Hazrat Maulana Ashraf Ali After seeing the police station, it is understood that Hazrat Thanhvi, like Hakim Alamat, a member of the time, and the teachers of his time, considered the education of women essential on the one hand, were careful about the education of girls. Be careful not to be vulnerable to the threat of a temptation,

Hazrat Thanhvi has sent a message to the generation coming from his practice that there is work to be done, girls who are half the population of our society should be educated; After you become a woman through the reform of society as a whole, not a mischief in its process and character. Become; so that the teachings and the teachings embrace them make him think and his character is good too.

This advice is a milestone for all current seminary administrators.

The last words

The point of the discussion is that as women have been given the honorable position of Islam, women are also obliged to seek education for women.

But in view of the changing circumstances and conditions, the establishment of feminism is inevitable; however, the madrassa administrators are required to co-ordinate with the rule of Hakim-e-Hazrat Thanvi, insha’Allah will have the benefit of the common and the most vulnerable. Will spread the word of Islam in the world, and the preachers of Islam and the Mujahideen of Islam will be born from these women.

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