Education and our priorities

Education and our priorities

From day one we have had bad luck, education has never been in our national priority. On the contrary, in the past, this elusive and ineffective Ministry of Education has never been a favorite of anyone. Our academic institutes, universities, academics and research fields have lost any performance. Pakistan still ranks second in the world, where children of school-age children are deprived of education. This state of education and teaching is a shame and disgrace to all of us.

Education is such a foundation. Which guarantees the development and security of any nation and country? China’s Mao made education a top priority, and the progress that China has made in the higher education sector over the past two decades is not exemplified in the world. The secret of Chinese development is education, science and technology, and that’s why. Today, a power like the United States is forced to value China in the face of global war, China is the cornerstone of its products, and the world is regarded as the emerging power of China. The best opportunities for Chinese people to survive.

In 1981, 9 out of 10 Chinese were victims of poverty and shock, today the situation has changed so much that only one in 10 Chinese is destined to succeed. History tells us that the state and society that made the promotion of knowledge its goal. ۔ Knowledge has always given new energy to society and the nation.

Secondly, Islam is the capital of this worldly life. Only coming to the madrassa college and university does not gain knowledge or only by obtaining certificates from educational degrees and higher educational institutions can the people not improve the condition of the country. It requires tastes and dedication.

This is a kind of hypocrisy if there is a difference between knowledge and practice. Fear Allah, Who Teaches Knowledge creates humility and nurturing. Former US President Calvin Coolidge said. ـ “Being intelligent is not a guarantee of success in life, so it is important to use the knowledge you receive”

Knowledge prevents deceit and fraud . Hazrat Ikrimah says that the intention is always good! Do not show intent to pretend or act. Whose intention is good, so will his action. Knowledge is the essence that motivates intention and good deeds.

Those who are knowledgeable also have higher responsibilities. The responsibilities of the prophets were high. That they were given knowledge. There is no prophet who does not show by his knowledge. So get knowledge and practice it. What is the benefit of such knowledge if one acquires knowledge and does not practice it? The real ornament of man is knowledge, action and superior character rather than wealth. The rules and regulations are for practice. It is another matter that we will either make rules that meet our expectations or try to adapt to the rules. To find out what it means. Because of this negative thinking and selfishness, a whole generation has been destroyed by bad and poor education.

Man’s negative thinking leads to collectivism, coincidence and hypocrisy to hatred and extremism and ultimately destroys the society. If such thinking is produced in a particular way, then the realm of recurrent destruction becomes even wider and more damaging. , Which leads to the rise and fall of the destiny of nations and nations growing from society?

When the nation and society came into disarray. The standard of development becomes wealth and prosperity. If practice goes out of life, humiliation and humiliation become the destiny of this nation and society. “Prof. Tyne B. had said.

“With the demolition of the administrative and academic institutions,  the spirit of this society goes out.’’

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