Educated and conscious woman

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Educated and conscious woman

The role of both men and women is crucial to the survival and development of any society. They say that every woman has a hand in the work. Woman is said to be better than half of men, and any society can progress only when it is adorned with the ornaments of education so that they can use their abilities and abilities in different walks of life and develop individual and collective development. And play its role for a happy present.

In the absence of education and training, half of society will lose good thinking and awareness, and the dream of positive change in society will not be a shame. If we take a look at different areas of life, it will be seen that women are so dominant in certain fields that by reducing their importance in any form, the breeding of feminine growth in the lap of women is lost. Will go That is why it is acknowledged the fact that educating a woman is like having a family. The woman is not a person, but a school that actually enlightens the society with its initial organizational essence.

A woman is also a Nazim and may be a Mujahid, and there are many examples of this in Islamic history. Similarly, not only has the woman been present in some way behind the development and collective changes in the various nations of the world, she has also embraced leadership abilities on many fronts.

 From household, to battlefield, to education, to court, to Christian inventions to inventions, history is fascinated by its role and accomplishments. Even today, if a well-educated mother and her children have the education and training of a child, especially a girl, she can contribute to the development and prosperity of the nation by becoming a viable and decent citizen.

Things are never the same, it is not necessary to get married in a very high, eating family to secure the future of the girl. This is a common thought, but if it is too late to move from the Throne to the Throne of Things. In such a case, a well-educated girl and a confident girl can cope with the situation and support herself and her family.

She can earn a prestigious job based on her degrees and abilities, while the trust generated by her mother’s good training and education will keep her strong and strong. On the contrary, an uneducated girl would be terrified of such a disaster and would not be able to handle her family.

This stream of women’s education cannot be restricted to the pursuit of degrees in just a few traditional subjects; they can also learn any skills and can fulfill their financial needs while staying at home.

In our society, the thinking of some educated families has not changed and they are against girls’ higher education. They think that girls are neither hired nor paid to earn, because they are ‘dishonest’. In these days, these things are not strange, but sad. Do you want the daughter to stay in your home, always spreading out her hands to your needs and remaining with your husband for the rest of your life? Question isn’t about Earnings or Jobs Here! The question is to make them stand on their feet with full confidence.

Are women just born to hand stitch and serve each one? True, the house and stove is handled by a woman, but that does not mean that it has only one purpose in her life and she does nothing. Where is the wisdom to bind him mentally and physically, if he is able to fulfill any of his domestic responsibilities, to do what he needs, in accordance with his own tendency and educational ability?

 The majority of the people in our country are middle class or poor and there is lack of basic facilities while prices are increasing day by day. Also keep in mind that if a woman loses her father’s shadow or her husband for some reason, she and her children can be nourished. If she is intelligent and educated, she will be able to meet her own needs by daring herself to look up to her brothers or in-laws.

Remember! A nation whose daughter is adorned with the ornaments of knowledge will never go to the doorstep of taking care of her.

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