Children’s training and problems

Children’s training and problems

When a child is born, nature is born on Islam. His Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Jewish dependence on his parents. The present era is the era of technology. This is the era of Westernize. This is the westernity that is slowly growing in our generation. The Muslim nation faces many concerns for the training of its generation. In the present age, it is considered essential for children to be taught everything as a machine.

 By enrolling a two-and-a-half-year-old child in school, parents become overwhelmed and begin to program this innocent child into a robot-like program. If parents want to train their children well, do the following and make your and your child’s life easy and quiet.

Reduce the trend of private schools

In the present case, for a parent to introduce a young child to school is like bringing a lion. The fee for a two-and-a-half-year-old child is in the thousands and the salary that a household spends a month becomes an admission fee for that child. The era of weird conflict is that people forget to look at their sheets to show status. People who just watched each other don’t care about their resources to enroll their children in private English medium schools. The quality of education in the public schools in the cities is excellent. It is inappropriate practice to educate your children simply in private schools. This show turns parents on prematurely.

Parents train themselves

 When a baby is born, he does not learn anything in this world. What he learns, from his parents and from the environment. If parents think that a two-and-a-half-year-old child needs education, they should teach their child religion. Arrange for a fivefold prayer at home as the child learns by watching. He is the One who listens. So teach your child to speak good and pleasant words. Tell the sweet words of religion.

Remember to pray for food, first words and beautiful prayers. Respect for adults, softening of words, not being angry, sitting and drinking water are all things that are essential to teaching a child at this age. The environment of the home should be such that the child is not drawn to evil If parents keep up the conflict in the home, it will have an impact on the child’s mind and he will adopt these things in his life. The lap of the mother is the child’s first grade. So start the education and training phase by yourself.

Arrange for Islamic education

  Along with the training of the child, teach him the Holy Quran to bring him to Islam. Send children to the mosque to teach the Quran or arrange to read the Quran at home. Introduce children to Islam-related events and Islamic personalities. Teach the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and perform his duty. Take advantage of current technology and show children Islamic lectures and information programs on Islamic channels.

Protect you from feeling inferior

 One of the most important things in the education and training of children. Parents often encourage their children to compete with other children and move on, but in fact, this motivation makes children less vulnerable. On the eve of the exam, most parents disappoint their children by telling them that the child has taken good numbers from you while your class is your child. Regardless, contests make a child feel inferior. Parents should remember that each child’s thinking abilities are different. This is the gift of Allah. Markets and harsh attitudes make children feel awakened, vulnerable.

Protect from the West

  Parents have a duty to include a patriotic element in their children’s training. Encourage your children to love Islam. In most schools, children are forced not to speak Urdu language during school hours while Pakistan’s national language is Urdu. Encourage children to wear clothing that is consistent with Islam. Islam is the only religion in the world that teaches illusion in everything.

Problems faced by children in education should be resolved by parents according to Islamic teachings. Must teach children distant education but do not teach them westernism. Eating them, eating, sitting, walking, as if practicing every practice should be in accordance with the principles of Islam. May God grant us good training for our children

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