Children’s education and success –

Children’s education and success –

Rubina is the Honor of Affiliate Private Schools. A teacher tells of the journey from Honor to school and teaching of children that dreams are first decorated in the heart, then in the brain, and then in the eyes. In 1991 I dreamed in my heart that I had to do something for myself and for the community.

To fulfill this dream, I started teaching in a school, my economic conditions were not good and as a teacher they could not be changed, these conditions forced me to work hard. I used to do my job with great earnestness and hard work, I had no sense of time passing, even if I had to make a baby sack, I didn’t know it was two o’clock or time was over, I just got my job. I used to be crazy. When a servant is struggling to move forward, he is faced with various obstacles and difficulties.

Whenever I had any work to stop, I would read two prayers and pray to Almighty Allah and say to myself, ‘Do not panic, you have to have courage; When a person’s thinking is positive. If the basis of any work is based on honesty, honesty, then Allah also facilitates, so for me the paths to advance and the journey to becoming a school teacher have become easier.

The secret of the success of any organization is that whatever is to be done, it should not be spontaneous; Hadith implies that actions depend on intention. Many people are working but their intention is small, work is as elephant and intention as rat. As much as the elders and the big ones are, they are convinced that no matter what the small business is, the intention must be pure. Today Mashaullah is an organization of mine that has branches, many people are working in it. Numerous students from our institution are studying and working in institutions such as King Edward Medical College, UET and LUMS.

It’s all thanks to my team. I have a heartfelt relationship with my own team, I try to resolve their issues in a timely manner. I treat them like parents do with their children; if an employer has a good attitude with their subordinates, they will act with kindness. The success of any organization is not solely the commitment of a single individual but the role of the entire team.

To get better results from the team, they are realized that this is the Sunnah of our Prophet, you have come to work in imitation of them. Educating children is a big deal, it’s not a small thing. The education you provide is meant to train generations. The teacher plays a major role in the success of any child.

There was a school in a remote area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAfrica with 200 children studying. One time a team consisting of some people went for research. When they looked at 200 children and school infrastructure, they said that these children had no future but then after 20 years, when they went there again, they got them in 200. Of the 138 children received, 112 of them were successful.

 When these 112 children were asked why you were successful, they replied that there was no doubt that our conditions were not good, we did not have the resources but there was a teacher in our whole school who gave us Succeeded. If any child has a passion for reading, then success is possible.

A teacher’s endeavor should be to teach the child, as well as his moral training. Have a school curriculum that includes both extracurricular and extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities should focus on tables, stories, articles and all the things that happen in a good citizen. Teach children how to greet teachers when they enter school, how to respect them, how to greet at home and how to honor parents. As it is said, meaning, when children honor their parents and teachers, Allah will also give them success.

In regards to the teachers, every school should have a dress code, look at the senior teachers and copy the junior teachers, then it feeds into the minds of the children, so try to adopt simplicity, it should help them too. There will be simplicity and children will learn the lesson of simplicity. Children who are orphaned and helpless, teachers should treat them better, succeeding a child who does not have a parent’s shadow is a great achievement.

Children who are single parents, such as when the mother of a child is divorced or the father has died, in which case it is very good for the child to work, if the child succeeds, then the mother’s heart And if Allah Almighty will be pleased with such teachers, then the teacher will also feel that I have contributed to the society.

A teacher should be aware that when he leaves home, I am going or going for worship. Children cannot be trained unless there is a parent training. There are many parents who have no idea what’s going on around us. How are things going on in the world?

The trend has become that if the father is at home, he is busy on mobile and watching baby TV. Even if there is a little thought of training the children, they are taken to the hotel and fed, they are taken with valuable toys and it is believed that they have been trained, but in reality this is not child training. The child’s training demands something besides these things; she demands parental attention, demands time and asks for her talk.

There was a time when the big ones were sitting in a room, everyone else would sit around them and hear from them their experiences, successes and failures and learn from them.

Today, neither she nor the child lived. Parents who talk to their children, give them time, take care of their daily routine, such children are more successful. One of the main reasons for a child becoming a criminal is moral training. If a child develops some kind of feeling deficiency and cannot be eliminated, the child continues to carry on with that feeling, he begins to go to different sources to fulfill this deficiency, and He doesn’t know if I’m getting the right thing or the wrong one. Similarly, parents who have a quarrel with their children have a higher chance of being the culprit. At school, teachers should be instructed not to be personal with any child.

If a child has a wrong attitude that shows that there are problems in his home, then the mother should first try to be confident, ask her what the problem is. When the problem is detected it should try to resolve it.

Some parents are such that one gets angry at the same time, they behave the same with the children while some parents are calm and calm, listen to the talk, get the kids working. , Take a guide line from school. Parents are in dire need of counseling; small workshops should be organized in this regard, and the trainer should be called in. To inspire children to train, give the parents of kids the best mom and best dad awards in schools. Children’s training is like a triangle with a child on one corner, school on one and parents on one. Success will be possible when all three hands are in their hands.

It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to find and nurture their children’s talents, in addition to dreaming that you can become a son, because when a child is in the nursery or playgroup his talent is exposed. Starts In my institution, a business class kid was teaching, his parents were not able to give him time because of his work, he became familiar with me and started to idealize me. He would especially visit me whenever he passed an exam.

I always ask her what you will make of her son. He replies that I will become a pilot. I prayed to him that Allah Almighty fulfilled your dream but his parents’ situation was such that his dream could not be fulfilled. One day his mother came to me and said, “What have you dreamed of him, that he keeps talking about being a pilot all the time, the atmosphere in our house is not something that he can become a pilot.” Given the hobby and dedication of the child, I advised his parents to send him to PF School Sargodha, he has become a pilot today.

Similarly, a kid who was six years old, was very fond of making paintings, Colgate, a multinational company, collected data from all over the world and made paintings with children. He also contacted our school. The paintings made him quench. We are proud that this painting won the first position in the world. The Colgate guys held an event at our school in which the child was rewarded. It increased the child’s confidence and made me think that I could do something.

There was a time when there was a playground, there was no media, children used to go out and play on the field which led to their mental and physical development. Turning Today is the age of media, children’s entertainment is limited to just TV and mobile, and this entertainment is also mostly negative. For children’s entertainment and training, there should be children’s programs on the channels during the evening hours for children.

There are special programs for child training abroad. Just as channels work hard to collect news from different places, they should also create programs for children who have moral education, develop a passion for reading so that the foundation of society and country can be strengthened.

In our schools, it was customary to write plaque in schools, which made the writing of children very beautiful. Today, plaque culture has ended in schools.

Schools should teach children writing exercises. Should write neat and beautiful, anyway Allah loves cleanliness and beauty. Children should tell you that when you write a son, your work will be aromatic and the scent is very pleasing to Allah. They are at the forefront of schools and children who focus on writing. Children whose writing is beautiful, they are soliloquized and strive to create beauty in everything they do.

Children should know about their heroes from the beginning, as is the theory of Pakistan Trust in Lahore, to take children to places where they know about Pakistan’s history and their heroes, when did Pakistan become? Who helped to create? Who wrote the national anthem, Who was Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar? What did Liaquat Ali Khan do?

 When children go to such places, they will remember the history and heroes of Pakistan. Parents should also tell their children stories about the history and heroes of Pakistan so that if a child says that I want to become a pilot, he knows that my hero Rashid Manhas is a martyr. I want to be like them too.

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