Current System Education Objectives – An overview

Current System Education Objectives - An overview

Current System Education Objectives – An overview

During the past century, human beings in this world have made incredible strides in the field of knowledge, especially in the field of science and techno logy. Our attitudes, values, and lifestyles are changing. It is appropriate that we take a realistic view of what this academic revolution has done to the world. What we found, what we lost. The following article is a small effort in this direction.

Meaning of education:

Education means teaching, teaching, teaching, teaching or guiding someone, education is generally considered to be synonymous with English word education. But education in its true sense cannot be translated simply by education. The word education is actually derived from the Latin word edo (educo), which means raising a child of a human or animal with special attention and care.

 Education in this context would mean raising a child and training him mentally, physically and morally. In this way we can say that the concept of education comes not just from education but from education. Today’s education is based on maximizing the acquisition of knowledge and enhancing the child’s mental and physical ability. Therefore, with such education we can make the child highly educated and capable, but it is not necessary to become a good person.

 We introduce him to different sciences and teach different arts, but do not tell him that what you have learned will be used to achieve his goals? What purpose is valid and useful? And what purpose is illegal and harmful?

We have armed it with the weapons of knowledge and art but do not tell it that it is used to protect the oppressed and the weak, not to exploit them. Is for construction, not for destruction, for the survival of the human race, not for destruction.

That is why our world today is in greater danger than before, when man had little knowledge and his ability was modest, then he was only at risk of heavenly disaster, but today human being is more aware of his extraordinary knowledge. There is a danger expressed by Steven Muller, president of Johns Hopkins University in the United States,

“Today’s universities are producing ‘savages’ of the highest caliber because we do not identify the new generation with the moral values ​​they desperately need.”

 So if we want to serve in the field of education, it is important for us to understand the true meaning of education.

Purpose of education:

Just as currency is not a purpose in itself, but a means of achieving life’s necessities, knowledge and ability are no purpose in themselves, but an effective means of attaining life’s purpose, but the problem is that it is a revival. Due to differences in environment and conditions, the purpose of life changes, for example when we look at the ideology of different human beings, it is known that some people understand worldly life and its pleasures.

Therefore, the pursuit of wealth and power is everything to them. Some people view this life as temporary and believe in a permanent life after death, so they consider the success of the Day of Accounting as the purpose of life. Some people think of this world as a trap and to get rid of it. And believe in monastic life, and some people want to gain God’s favor through the turmoil of this world. This view of life also changes the purpose of education.

Similarly, when we look at the environment of different human beings in which they live, it becomes apparent that differences in environment also affect the purpose of life, such as a city’s hut and posh colony. Does not have the same environment. Similarly, in an industrial area, the environment of a workers’ colony is very different from that of a university teaching staff colony.

These differences in environment change the lives of the people living in these areas. Because of this difference in the purpose of life, the purpose of education also changes. Thus, each family and each family has its own unique circumstances and needs differ. Therefore, differences in conditions and needs change the purpose of life and these differences in the concept of education and training. Is also affected.

 Because of this difficulty, the experts have not been able to agree on one objective till now. But it is not as though these specialists have never set a purpose for education. Of the goals that the specialists have set under the circumstances and needs of their surroundings, the following are particularly important:

  • Professional purpose
  • Make a good citizen
  • Preparing a new generation for the future
  • Individuality development and so on

Let’s look at the impact that education can have on society in order to achieve one of the above aims:

Vocational Aim:

This purpose appears to be quite important. Parents educate their children so that a child can read and write to be able to earn a living. Of course, hunger is an important need for a person and parents should also be concerned about their children’s economic future, but what food and other necessities of life. The purpose of education is to achieve? No, we can make our children economical by doing so, but we will never be a good human being… for that we must give them the highest moral training to determine the right and wrong way to earn them. Preparing a New Generation for the Future:

Herbert Spencer, the renowned British thinker, has proposed the theory that education aims to prepare the present generation for the future. This theory is also flawed as it only prepares for the future needs of the children. According to the famous French thinker Rousseau, education should be tailored to the characteristics of the child and not to the nature.

Individual Development:

Some Western thinkers say that the main purpose of education is the development of individuality in the child. Today, education is given to the child to meet the needs of the future, and usually the goal is set by the parents. Of the individual cannot be developed.

This brief review shows that whatever theory taught by the society till date was either incomplete and incomplete or it had hidden implications for society. Now the question arises whether there is any such ideological education. Is it so pure that it fulfills the needs of society, transcending historical and geographical dimensions?

 Can any true almighty person claim that the knowledge that Almighty Allah sent to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) by the Prophet Adam (peace be upon him and his descendants) is useless? For centuries man has set the goal of education according to the needs and needs of the times.

The purpose of education and education continued to change – man began his educational journey from the Stone Age and today we stand in the nuclear and space age in 1789, the wishes and needs of the present French Nissan Revolution. Has invented new ways of knowledge and research to achieve this. The intense appetite of the needy has led humans to discover the right path.

Although there is no doubt that this system of education has come to some people who have truly benefited humanity, there are also some genius of this system of education who through their knowledge of deception, confusion and lust. Keeping the market warm, and surprisingly, we consider them heroes – we made the lunar eclipse the standard of life and success on Mars.

The material development of today’s human being is that he fulfilled his dream of going to the moon and Mars, and the moral point of view is that gender liberty and homosexuality are a personal act of man, and this abominable act.

When a man recognizes his Lord and his intentions, then the thoughts in his creations will also suit his motives. In his discretion, the moon will be not just stars but the entire universe. No doubt our educational system has set humanity on the brink of destruction, but it is also the fact that these children are our future. It is our responsibility to introduce them to God from childhood and make their purpose greater the purpose of the quest and quest is not the merits, but the welfare of the human being and the creator.

That feeling of change requires this sense of accountability.

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